DUI Expungement Michigan Now Possible, Thanks to New Law

Thanks to new bipartisan legislation, DUI expungement in Michigan is now possible. This article covers how to get a DUI expunged in Michigan.

On August 23, 2021, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bills 4219 and 4220, which will allow an estimated 200,000 people with one (1) drunk driving conviction to seek to eliminate it from their criminal record.

Below, we outline everything you need to know so that you can expunge your DUI conviction as soon as possible.

Need to expunge your DUI conviction? Want to get it right the first time? Request a free consultation now.

Who Can Expunge Their Record?

With a few exceptions, anyone who received one (1) DUI conviction in Michigan is now eligible to apply for expungement. Before applying, however, at least five (5) years must pass since your probationary term ended.

The latest bills now include guidance for judges. They can consider whether you’ve benefited from rehabilitative/educational programs, had criminal convictions since your DUI conviction, and much more.

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What Doesn’t Qualify for DUI Expungement Michigan?

As stated above, only DUI first time offenders are eligible under this new expungement law.

This means that anyone with two (2) or more DUI convictions doesn’t qualify for expungement at this time. Subsequently, any DUI convictions causing serious injury or death aren’t eligible.

Additionally, DUIs that occurred when driving a commercial motor vehicle with a commercial driver license (CDL) aren’t eligible for expungement.

Why Should I Expunge My DUI Conviction?

DUI convictions will never be eligible for automatic expungement. Therefore, you must apply to expunge it.

DUI expungement recipients enjoy the wide benefits of a clear criminal record, which include:

  • Higher Wages
  • Better Housing
  • Lower Insurance Rates
  • Access to Student Loans
  • Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Eligibility

Despite these benefits, nearly 95 percent of people eligible for expungement don’t even apply. Why?

Because of the lack of knowledge about expungement law, and the complex process that awaits.

Need to expunge your DUI conviction? Want to get it right the first time? Request a free consultation now.

The Complex Expungement Process: How to Get A DUI Expunged in Michigan?

The DUI expungement Michigan process is very rigorous and time-consuming.

The steps involved include obtaining your record, getting fingerprinted, notarizing your application, and much more.

  1. Gather Records
  2. Fill Out Application
  3. Obtain Fingerprints
  4. Sign Application and Notarize It
  5. Make Copies
  6. File Application
  7. Mail Copies
  8. Complete Proof of Service
  9. Prepare for Hearing

How do I expunge DUI from my criminal record

If you make any sort of mistake on these documents, you must wait three (3) years before applying again.

Why Should I File for DUI Expungement Now?

While these measures won’t go into effect until February 23, 2022, we can help you start the expungement process right now.

The expungement process, how to get. a DUI expunged in Michigan, is lengthy and complex.

However, we can help get everything sorted, so that you can file your expungement application as soon as the law goes into effect.

There’s already extraordinary demand due to the new expungement laws, and this new legislation is sure to lead to a bigger backlog.


Our firm classifies DUI expungement cases as high-priority. We know how important this is for you and your family’s future.

If you choose a law firm without expungement experience, your application may be denied, which means waiting at least three (3) years before applying again.

We’ve handled hundreds of expungement cases over the years with extraordinary success. That’s because when you hire us, you hire our entire team.

We’re staffed with the best criminal defense attorneys in Michigan, who are supported by several paralegals, administrative assistants, and even a driver.

Furthermore, your chances of getting the result you want and when you need it increase significantly when you hire us.

The longer you wait, the longer it will take to clean your record and live the life you want and deserve to live.

If you’re interested in expunging your one-time DUI conviction off your record, fill out this form.

Our criminal defense team will contact you within the next business day to review your eligibility and determine a plan moving forward.

Need to expunge your DUI conviction? Want to get it right the first time? Request a free consultation now.

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