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Gun Crime and Possession Lawyer in Michigan

Firearms are part of the fabric of our society. They are literally part of our constitution which will always keep them in the forefront of debate and opinion. The Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to bear arms was ratified in 1791. People possess and carry them for a variety of legitimate reasons. From safety, security, protection, hunting or just for collection, there are many reasonable uses. As stated in 2021 by our Supreme Court, “individual self-defense is ‘the central component’ of the Second Amendment right” to bear arms. But they are also instruments of death and serious injury therefore both state and federal criminal statues punish crimes involving firearms very seriously.

In fact, criminal convictions involving firearms are punished more harshly than any other category of offenses. This is particularly true for those people who have been identified to be prohibited from their possession. Felons, those convicted of domestic violence and being in possession while committing another felony offense are generally sentenced to jail or prison. The problem is that those whom may be prohibited, may have legitimate reasons for being in possession. It’s important that these cases and those charged and treated in an individual basis to take into account several potential mitigating circumstances. For instance, a felon may have a legitimate fear and need to carry in dangerous places.

Having a Michigan gun crimes attorney to mitigate these sentences is vital. This does not excuse the offense, but mitigating circumstances should be taken into consideration to ensure the person does not receive a harsh prison sentence.

Charged with Carrying A Concealed Weapons Offense and You Need to Avoid Jail Time?

Illegal Law Enforcement Searches and Seizures

Also in most firearm cases, like carrying a concealed weapon in a motor vehicle, often involve law Enforcement search and seizure. Therefore, a skilled firearms defense lawyer must be an expert in search and seizure. 

Prosecution has to Prove Knowledge and Access of the Firearm

Further, firearms that are discovered in a vehicle are often present without the knowledge of a occupant. To be in lawful possession of a firearm, the subject must have knowledge of the presence and have the ability to access it. Without evidence of both knowledge and access, a prosecution should fail.

Arrested for CCW in a Vehicle?  Know Your Rights

Different Types of Firearms 

Did you know that just being in possession of certain types of weapons is a federal gun charge offense unless you have a permit? For example, both being in possession of a fully automatic weapon and a firearm with a silencer can result in felony charges and, if convicted, prison time. Weapons charges can escalate quickly, especially if they’re associated with another serious offense. Our Michigan gun crimes attorneys can help you.

If you’re charged with armed robbery, assault or battery with a deadly weapon, felony possession of a firearm, attempted murder, or gun crimes in connection with drugs, contact our office for a free case evaluation with an experienced defense attorney with extensive trial experience.

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Firearm Related Offenses 

To fight weapons charges, it’s vital that a criminal defense attorney understands these weapons and understands the types of evidence that’s necessary to demonstrate proof.

Our Michigan gun crimes attorneys thoroughly research and investigate every case, and we have the knowledge to protect your rights while fighting for your best interests.

We can help with any weapons charge case, including:

  • Felony Firearms Charges
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Unlawfully carrying of a concealed weapon
  • Possession of a Firearm Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

Other offenses regarding guns include specific individuals who aren’t allowed to carry weapons, including people who have been charged with a misdemeanor crime such as domestic violence.

So, under these circumstances, it must be proven that these individuals knew that they were carrying a weapon.

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Do You Have Questions About the Second Amendment?

Many believe it should be a right to carry a concealed pistol, similar to the Constitutional Second Amendment “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The Constitution doesn’t expressly state whether those arms may be concealed. Accordingly, states and the federal government have passed laws that define how a person may legally “keep and bear arms”.  These laws are often confusing and contradictory. Our skilled 2nd Amendment attorneys are available to guide you throughout the firearm laws and answer questions to help you stay out of jail.

Charged with a gun crime? Our Michigan gun crimes attorneys can help you. Fill out the Contact Form to schedule a FREE Consultation.

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