Driver’s License Restoration Michigan

If your driver’s license was revoked in Michigan due to multiple drunk driving convictions, you need an attorney now more than ever. However, just in case you are thinking about tackling your hearing alone, below are five reasons why you should instead hire an experienced attorney to reinstate your Michigan driver’s license:

1. Driver’s License Restoration Law is Complicated

Hearings with the Michigan Department of State Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight (MI Office of Hearing and Admin) within the Michigan Secretary of State are governed by complex administrative rules and procedures.

One misstep, such as going to your hearing and without knowing the applicable standard of proof, could result in the continued loss of your driving privileges for an additional year. We know you don’t have the time to lose, as restoring your driver’s license is vital for your career, family and overall livelihood.

2. One Mistake Will Ruin Your Chance of Restoring Your Driver’s License

Before requesting a hearing, you’ll need to file a petition, along with numerous documents, such as  character reference letters from those who can attest that you’re sober from drugs and alcohol. One misstep in the filing process, or with any of the necessary documents, will result in an automatic denial without a hearing.

If you’re denied, you must wait one (1) full year before requesting a hearing again to restore your driver license. Our team assists with the preparation for all of your paperwork (such as the substance abuse evaluation and securing your letter writers) to make sure you get it right the first time.

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3. Not Having a Driver’s License Restoration Attorney Costs You More

Attempting to handle your driver’s license restoration hearing without a license restoration attorney will result in a denial. The hearing officers know the applicable rules and laws inside and out. Therefore, they’ll use your lack of representation and knowledge against you.

The expense and hassle of having to wait yet another year before reapplying is just not worth it. Our experienced driver’s license restoration lawyers have handled hundreds of license restoration hearings with a 98% success rate.

4. A Lawyer Can Present The Most Convincing Evidence

It’s extremely important that you’re prepared for your hearing. All of your statements at the hearing will be recorded. If your request is denied and you reapply at a later date, all of your statements from the previous hearing will be used against you.

An experienced attorney knows what questions to anticipate, and will ensure that you’re more than prepared for your hearing. They’ll present your strongest case to win, and will guarantee your results.*

5. Free Consultation, $500 Value

Rather than avoiding getting your license back, we’ll pull your driving record and give you a free consultation with one of our attorneys for free. This is a $500 value, as we really do want to help you.

The sooner we discuss your situation, the sooner we can get you back on the road. After this first consultation, you’ll be put at ease and be more than ready to get back behind the wheel.

Navigating Driver’s License Restoration in Michigan

Getting your license back after a DUI conviction is a complex process. It requires extreme attention to details in both Michigan laws and administrative rules, resources, and time. However, hiring an experienced driver’s license reinstatement lawyer is a vital step in restoring your driver’s license in Michigan.

*The guarantee does not include license violation hearings. While we are skilled at violation hearings as well, violations happen and sometimes given the circumstances, we cannot win every one. We cannot guarantee a situation when a client relapses or does not follow our advice. Circuit court license appeals are not included in this guarantee.


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