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Barton Morris is Above the Rest: Why Picking the Right License Restoration Lawyer is the Most Important Decision of Your Life!

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Stop Putting Off License Restoration- It’s Costing You Money

It’s been years that you’ve been eligible for license restoration but you’ve been delaying getting started. You’ve figured out how to get around without a driver’s license, but you’ve been inconveniencing your family and your friends. Uber and Lyft rides are expensive, and alternative forms of transportation are sometimes unreliable. Let’s face it, you’re not getting where you need to be on time.

Or, you may be driving illegally knowing that the risks of that are great. You get scared every time you see a police officer, god forbid one pulls up behind you. Getting pulled over and arrested is clearly not something you have time or money for, but the potential is there. Plus, getting a ticket on your record right now gives you an additional suspension and another year (or even up to five) to wait. You’ve had enough and now it’s time for you to do something.

You know that doing this yourself is not an option. It’s simply too difficult and there’s too much to lose. If you fail, you must wait another year before you can try again. That’s not an option. So, the question is, which lawyer will you hire to help you? This is the most important decision you will make to protect your future. Yes, it is that important because picking the wrong lawyer is the difference between spending more years without your driver’s license or getting you back on the road again, quickly and legally.

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What Happens When you Choose the Wrong Lawyer

There are dozens of attorney options out there, but they are not all equal. In fact, I would venture to say most of them are not good license restoration lawyers. It’s important that you pick the right one. Picking one that is not an experienced DLR lawyer with a good system in place, will not file your restoration in a timely matter. If they don’t have the system and processes in place to ensure that, the entire petition will not be done in a timely manner.

Therefore, it may take them 4 to 6 months to get it filed. That is entirely too long and if they file it with the wrong information, letter content, or substance abuse evaluation, it’s doomed from the start. You will wait several months to have a hearing and now you’re six months into it and you’re going to get denied. Then, you’re out the cheap money that lawyer cost you, and you are also out six months without a license.  You may even be out an additional year without a driver’s license by having to start all over again. Wow. Now you understand why I say that picking the right lawyer is everything and is necessary.



You can only afford to make the right choice the first time around. You need an attorney that has a proven method of success. You also need an attorney that will prioritize your case because many lawyers have other priorities. They think since you’ve been waiting as long as you have, there’s no reason why you can’t wait a little longer. At the Law Offices of Barton Morris, we make sure that your case is a priority, plus we get it done quickly and hassle free. It’s important to us that we do all the work for you so that you don’t have to worry. We make sure it gets done right, it gets done fast, and you get back on the road again, legally.

Barton Morris has been getting people their license back for over 20 years and is the best in Michigan. We have a proven license restoration system that works and makes it easy for our clients. 

What is also most important is that we get it done properly. We value the fact that there is, really, only one chance to get this right and we are not going to mess it up. We take it seriously as you do, and love being successful for our clients, because we know how much it means to them and their families, call us for an appointment today. 

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