Are You a Non-Michigan Resident Looking for a Driver’s License Restoration Attorney?

Michigan Drivers License Restoration Attorney

If you had your Michigan driver’s license revoked for multiple OWI’s and now live out of state, the Secretary of State cannot give you any kind of Michigan license.  But what it can do is release the “hold” that was created by your revocation which will allow you to obtain a driver’s license in your current state.

Former Michigan residents who now live out of state can apply for a full driver’s license from their home state without having to return to Michigan for a hearing.  The procedure is called an “administrative review.”  The process is the same as it is for an in-person hearing with the exception of having to appear in person.  The driver will need to complete a substance abuse evaluation (SAE), and will also need to turn in letters from people in the community that know something about the driver’s past and present drinking and drug use habits.  In addition, you will need to submit proof of your out of state residency.  Some documents the State will accept include utility bills, paystubs, lease agreements and mortgage statements.

Once The Department of State receives all of the required documentation it will review your submitted documents and will issue a written decision by mail.  If the decision is unfavorable, you will be entitled to request an in-person or video hearing immediately.  The only difference between the in-person hearing and video hearing is the actual physical location of the hearing officer.  You will only have to appear in person at your local Secretary of State branch office, the hearing officer will conduct the hearing via video conferencing from his home office in Michigan.  Just like a regular in-person hearing you are entitled to have an attorney at the video hearing.  Once the hearing is concluded a formal written order either granting or denying your request will be mailed to your home address.

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Everyone knows that the consequences of a drinking and driving offense are tough.  There are many fines and costs to pay, possible jail time, and the loss of your driving privileges for a period of time.  How long your license will be revoked depends on how many drunk driving convictions you have on your record.  Either way, getting your driver’s license restored is a big deal to people and getting through the process the right way the first time is everyone’s goal.  Having an attorney who is highly skilled in restoration cases is imperative to your success.

If you have been charged with a drinking and driving offense in the Oakland, Wayne, or Macomb county communities of Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, Warren, Troy, Sterling Heights or any surrounding area and want the best Driver License Restoration attorneys, Call The Law Office of Barton Morris today.  We have a long and proven track record of restoring licenses for Michigan drivers and out of state residents alike.