Driver License Restoration: Out-of-state Administrative Reviews and Clearances

Is Michigan’s hold on your driver license preventing you from getting one in the state where you now live? 

If so, you will need to request an Administrative Review of your driver’s license.

This process is similar to an in-state driver license restoration, in that you must submit a Petitioner’s Evidence Affidavit, Substance Use Evaluation, 10-panel drug test and letters of support. Additionally, you must also submit proof of your current residency. The out-of-state process differs in that that you do not need to appear in Michigan for a hearing.

Rather, the Michigan Secretary of State will review your documents and either grant or deny your request to clear the Michigan hold on your driver license. If your request is granted, then you are free to pursue a driver license in the state where you currently live. If your request is denied, you are entitled to a second bite of the apple and thus you may pursue a Hearing.

The Hearing may be via video, which will allow you to appear from your state of residence instead of traveling to Michigan. The attorney, however, will be present with the Hearing Officer.

As always, your written evidence is paramount to your success. It’s crucial to have an experienced attorney help with the preparation of all of your documents and refer you to an experienced counselor to prepare your Substance Use Evaluation. The Secretary of State’s requirements are very particular and all of your documents must comply to their strict standards. People often hire an attorney only after trying the Administrative Review on their own.

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Not only does this delay the time to obtain the Clearance but it also hinders the likelihood of success because everything submitted becomes a part of the permanent Secretary of State file.

An experienced attorney will ensure that all of your documents are perfect and your request for Administrative Review can be submitted in less than a month.