Going through driver’s license restoration in Michigan is time consuming and requires great attention to detail. This is to ensure that the submitted documents are consistent. Our driver’s license restoration lawyers have helped hundreds of people get their licenses back with a 98% success rate, so they have no issue streamlining the process.

Man holding wooden block letters that say "denied," License Restoration in Michigan

Fulfilling the Secretary of State’s requirements without guidance is overwhelming. This is especially because if you are not successful, you must wait one (1) full year before you can try again.

You do have the option of a driver’s license appeal, but that can take months. Additionally, lawyers know how important details are, as they can make or break a case. A substance use evaluation, support letters, and a 12-panel urine test are required for the restoration process and mistakes are commonly made regarding all four.

Substance Use Evaluation

The evaluation is what matters most to the license restoration Michigan hearing officer. A substance use evaluation (or Michigan substance abuse evaluation) is completed by a professional (usually a counselor or social worker). They will speak with you to gather information about your history of substance use.

They will also have you answer some questions to gain insight into your recovery status and determine that status by using a testing instrument. That person will then write an evaluation based on your history and testing instrument results after seeing you can pass a 12 panel urine test.

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There are people who do not have experience completing evaluations for purposes of driver license restoration. Others do not have good reputations with the hearing officers. Our firm refers clients to an evaluator we work with closely, who is familiar with the license restoration Michigan process and is respected by the hearing officers.

Inconsistent Dates of Sobriety

The most common mistake people make when trying to request a hearing to restore their driver license is having inconsistent dates of sobriety written throughout all the supporting documents, as well as the hearing testimony.

This mistake, which will result in an automatic denial, are often made through simple typos. It is the #1 mistake that can be most easily avoided with a Michigan driver’s license reinstatement lawyer.

Michigan Driver’s License Reinstatement Letters

Another common mistake is when letter writers do not mention the person’s sobriety date, how often they spend time with the person, or the letters are not from a cross-section of people who see the person frequently.

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The hearing officers want to know…

  • that you are sober at all times,
  • whether you are at home with family or out for a night with friends, and
  • expect that the people you spend time with will know about your substance use history.

Michigan License Hearing: Drug Testing

The state requires a 12 panel urine test. The sample must be tested for at least two integrity variables, also referred to as adulterants. The adulterants are:

  • specific gravity,
  • pH level, and
  • creatinine.

If any of those three are outside a certain range, the hearing officer will consider the test invalid because it suggests the sample was diluted to avoid detection of drugs or alcohol.

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Most people don’t make sure their test results display those adulterants or are not aware that falling outside the range can bring the validity of the test into question.

The Takeaway

Before you can operate a motor vehicle, you must get your driving privileges reinstated by the Secretary of State. However, the process can easily be overwhelming. If you proceed without driver’s license lawyers, chances are that your license will remain suspended or revoked. If you fail, you have to wait a full year before trying again.

Here is just the surface level of what you need:

  1. You must provide at least 3 character reference letters
  2. You must demonstrate complete sobriety
  3. You must submit a full and complete Substance Use Evaluation
  4. You must provide a 12 panel drug screen with integrity variables
  5. You must complete an affidavit asserting several facts about your past and present

We greatly value our attorney client relationship and promise to guide you through this process. After all, we proudly hold a 98% driver’s license restoration success rate and can restore your license in as little as 10 weeks.

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We guarantee* your results and do not stop working until you are successful. Based on our office’s lower exposure risk as defined by OSHA, we are now taking in-person consultations** at our office in Royal Oak.

*The guarantee does not include license violation hearings. While we are skilled at violation hearings as well, violations happen and sometimes given the circumstances, we cannot win every one. We cannot guarantee a situation when a client relapses or does not follow our advice. Circuit court appeals are not included.

**While we are now taking in-person consultations according to our COVID-19 policy, we will still conduct Skype, Zoom or phone consultations if that is what the client prefers.