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Charged with a Drug Crime? You Can Avoid Jail or Prison Time

Drug crimes are a complex group of crimes, ranging from simple possession to trafficking. Each level of crime is complex and comes with potential for serious punishment, such as up to life in prison and substantial monetar…

Types of Drug Trafficking Charges and Schedules

Drug trafficking is a serious crime in Michigan and can result in serious penalties, such as: up to life in prison, a $1,000,000 fine, and subject you to asset forfeiture and loss of driving privileges.  Drug trafficking i…

Which Marijuana Offenses Qualify Under Michigan’s New Expungement Law?

On October 12, 2020, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed seven bills into law known as the “Clean Slate” initiative, which set out new rules for Michigan marijuana expungement. Now in effect, this new law can benefit thousand…
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