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Licensed Professional Charges Lawyers in Michigan

If you’re a licensed professional and hold a professional license from the State of Michigan for health professional licensing, the Michigan State Bar Association, or other authority, a conviction of a misdemeanor and/or felony charge could have serious consequences on your professional license, and ultimately your livelihood.

Licensed professional facing charges? Unhappy with your current attorney? Request a free consultation now.

We understand you made a mistake, now don’t make another one.

Get the legal team that specializes in criminal defense for the licensed professional.

Put our more than 20 years of experience and expertise to work for you and your license.

Our experience includes the representation and defense of numerous licensed professionals, from a wide array of industries, facing various charges.

Being licensed professionals ourselves, we know what’s at risk.

The penalties a licensed professional face go well beyond those of the average person.

This is one of the may reasons why we take the time to get to know you and your situation.

Time is crucial for setting goals for your case.

  • We fight for you. Many law firms retain clients with the sole purpose of obtaining a plea deal. However, this may not be what’s best for you and your license. Although it’s more work, we thoroughly review your case to identify any potential errors, voids, inconsistencies or any other issues in the prosecutor’s case. Through our process, we’ll ensure that you obtain the best possible result.
  • We know the law. Your case not only requires a formidable defense, but you must also comply with reporting requirements. Most professionals must inform their governing bodies about convictions. We can assist you in navigating the complicated administrative rules.
  • We never stop improving. You worked hard to earn your license and build your reputation over the years. Therefore, you deserve an attorney who puts in that hard work to get your results. Every attorney at our firm is required to attend continuing legal education to stay on top of their game.
  • We have the expertise. Through years of experience and training, and extensive work in this area, we know what to look out for and how to avoid the traps and steer clear of the pitfalls. We’ll guide you through state-mandated requirements and minimize the demands requested of you.

Licensed professional facing charges? Unhappy with your current attorney? Request a free consultation now.

Criminal Charges and State of Michigan Licenses

Some licenses require reporting and possible discipline for any conviction or police contact.

However, other criminal offenses provide substantial barriers for the validity of a professional license.

While low-level misdemeanors are unlikely to cause major license issues, the list of non-reportable offenses is increasingly thin.

The following list of offenses almost always result in a license review:

Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • Due to the nature of the offense and its felonious classification, this must always be reported.

Theft or Other Crimes of Dishonesty

  • This often interferes with a licensee’s good moral standing. This can cause the largest licensing issues for financial professionals.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

  • Felony drug possession is a reportable offense. However, licenses can be saved if negotiations lower the charges or if substance abuse treatment is sought. This is especially applicable for lawyers and medical professionals.

Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)

  • Various professional licensing boards view this offense differently. While it must always be reported, it may not lead to sanctions. Nonetheless, sufficient substance abuse treatment is always necessary. Even if it’s a first offense, licensed professionals must always take this seriously.

Assault and Battery

  • Physically harming another person can cause severe license implications. Almost all licensing boards require reporting and can possibly suspend a license. Avoiding assaultive convictions must be prioritized. For all licenses, failure to report a conviction can lead to suspension. Moreover, some licenses even impose additional criminal penalties for failure to report. These varying administrative conditions determine if a professional keeps or loses their license.

Knowing Your Rights

You have the right to a competent and effective defense.

Often times, professionals allow themselves to be pushed around for fear of losing their license.

However, defending yourself from criminal charges is the best way to avoid sanctions from a licensing board.

Even if your case is dismissed, many licensing bodies may still require arrest reports.

If your offense involves controlled substances or alcohol, you must address the underlying issues surrounding your arrest.

Hiring a law firm to guide you from arrest to recovery is the most important decision you can make.

While you will never be penalized for exercising your rights, neglecting to exercise these rights could mean the end of your professional license.

Licensed professional facing charges? Unhappy with your current attorney? Request a free consultation now.

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Bryan Smith

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 22, 2022

Barton was amazing and I could not have had the positive outcome without his guidance. His team is prompt and great to work with. He even called while out of the country on vacation, which I feel shows he went above and beyond what someone might expect from their attorney. Experienced and cares! I would highly recommend Barton!

Bryan Smith

Leng T.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 22, 2022

Very professional. I came and spoke to Barton Morris about my situation and my case. I asked him if he was willing to help me. He asked about the details and my background and history. He give me a positive confidence he can help me and my odds. His price is reasonable. He’s not one of those hole in the wall lawyers who treat you as a number. You are a human being with a personal life. You treats you as a valued client no matter how big or small the case.

Leng T.

Kelly M.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 5, 2022

I had Mike Norman as my lawyer for a case. I just wanted to come on here and thank him for doing his best for me. I am grateful during this stressful time. I’ve used Barton Morris as a lawyer about 11 years ago and he was awesome which is why we came back. I do recommend!

Kelly M.

Thomas Smale

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 28, 2020

Extremely knowledgeable and very helpful when it comes to navigating the complicated nature of cannabis businesses in Michigan. I met with Barton where he answered all my questions about the pre-qualification application, and was prompt in answering subsequent questions through email after the meeting was completed. I certainly plan to continue utilize Barton’s knowledge in the future.

Marty Upfall

Thomas Smale

Marty Upfall

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 10, 2020

Just sitting here on my balcony. A bit chilly but sunny and beautiful. I am ever so grateful to have 100% freedom. Wasn’t sure I would ever meet this day. Hiring you(and your team) was the best decision I have ever made. You are a true master of your trade. As you sit with your beautiful family on Thanksgiving know that this year I am truly thankful of my freedom and the choice to hire Barton Morris. Thanks again. I will never forget what you have done for me.

Marty Upfall
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