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Methamphetamine Charges Lawyers in Michigan

We know how devastating a conviction on methamphetamine charges can be. In addition to possible jail time, you might also be dealing with a forfeiture case, and if you have children, you could be facing the potential revocation of your parental rights by Children’s Protective Services (CPS). Our Michigan drug crimes lawyers work tirelessly to defend our clients.

We believe in keeping families together and protecting your individual rights and freedom.

If you’ve been arrested on a methamphetamine charges, it’s critical that you secure legal counsel as soon as possible.

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What Are Methamphetamines?

Classified as a Schedule II drug, crystal meth is a synthetic drug that affects the central nervous system.

It’s part of the amphetamine category of drugs.

Users of methamphetamine may inject, smoke, ingest, or snort the drug.

An extremely addictive drug, meth is also associated with severe side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, and heart attacks.

Frequent users of mess also suffer from extreme deterioration of their teeth and gums.

Recently, the trafficking and use of methamphetamine in Michigan have increased, and much of the meth that is trafficked into the state comes from out of the country.

Consequently, penalties upon conviction are severe and cases are prosecuted aggressively.

Facing methamphetamine charges? Unhappy with your current methamphetamine lawyer? Request a free consultation now.

Common drug crimes associated with meth include:

  • Use of methamphetamine
  • Trafficking of methamphetamine
  • Possession of methamphetamine
  • Intent to manufacture methamphetamine
  • Manufacturing and maintaining a meth lab
  • Distribution and selling of methamphetamine

If you’re facing methamphetamine charges, it’s likely that a raid will be made on your home or other property.

This can also result in a forfeiture case being brought against you by the prosecution.

This means that the prosecution seeks to seize ownership of your property and possessions.

This can be overwhelming as it often ties up all of your assets, making securing a legal representative difficult.

This is why it’s best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after you’ve been arrested.

We Are Experienced Drug Crimes Attorneys

Drug crime cases can be especially challenging as they require intense investigation and careful planning. Our Michigan drug crimes lawyers have decades of experience handling these types of charges at both the state and federal levels, and we can use that experience to your benefit.

Principal Attorney Barton Morris is also certified by the American Chemical Society as a Forensic Lawyer-Scientist,” the only one in Michigan.

This means that he has full knowledge of forensic science and is well-versed in how to contest forensic evidence brought forth by the prosecution.

When you need legal representation that will fight for you, call us.

Facing methamphetamine charges? Unhappy with your current methamphetamine attorney? Request a free consultation now.

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Thomas Smale

Marty Upfall

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