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Trafficking Ecstasy and Distribution

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Trafficking ecstasy

Trafficking ecstasy and distribution conspiracies are aggressively investigated and prosecuted in federal court. Ecstasy is a very popular drug among young adults, especially during music dance parties. The active ingredient is MDMA but other drugs are often sold under the same name including BZP, MDA, and MDEA. If you’re facing any ecstasy-related charges, speak with a drugcrimes attorney immediately.

BZP is a substance that’s often used in ecstasy as a substitute for MDMA. BZP is legal in Canada, therefore, it’s more fre

quently found in the Eastern District of Michigan. The substance is unlawful under federal law but isn’t as heavily penalized. The penalty for 500 pills of BZP is the equivalent of 100 pills of MDMA (21 months – base offense level 16).

It’s sold in Canada legally under names like Frenzy or Nemesis. Since Michigan shares an international border with Canada, BZP and trafficking ecstasy are much more frequently investigated and prosecuted in this state.

It’s a cheaper alternative and the high from BZP is more like amphetamine than MDMA, but it’s still sold as ecstasy by dealers looking to make more money. Its effectiveness is 10 to 20 percent less potent. Federal sentencing guidelines penalize BZP less harshly than MDMA.

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