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Save Your Healthcare License with the HPRP


Healthcare is a demanding and oftentimes emotionally overwhelming occupation. This article addresses how to save your healthcare license with HPRP, or the Health Professional Recovery Program.

Pursuing a career in the healthcare field requires determination and intelligence. Moreover, certain careers within the field require a special license through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (“LARA”).

This license isn’t indefinite and is subject to certain terms and conditions. Unfortunately, the penalties for violating the terms and conditions can be harsh and unforgiving. Learn about HPRP, Health Professional Recovery Program, and how it can save your career and your life.

One of the most common violations stems from substance abuse. Obviously, healthcare professionals aren’t immune from the stress and pressure of everyday life.

Therefore, substance abuse is common within the field. The result of an unresolved substance abuse issue is usually a run-in with the law. Additionally, a criminal conviction can cause a complete revocation of your license.

Fortunately, there are programs (and law firms) available to help.

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What is the Health Professional Recovery Program?

The Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP) is a substance abuse/mental health recovery program sponsored by the state of Michigan. Essentially, it’s a roadmap to recovery for healthcare professionals. Often, entrants determine on their own that certain behaviors or substance abuse cannot continue. However, they lack the resources and structure to properly address these issues.

Save healthcare license HPRP

What are the benefits of the HPRP?

The HPRP is designed to review your specific circumstances and provide you with the means to conquer your substance abuse. Some of these programs include individual and group counseling, random drug testing, and workplace monitoring. Despite the penalties for non-compliance, this program is responsible for saving the licenses of numerous health professionals.

How to enroll in the HPRP

There are two ways in which a healthcare professional can be enrolled in the program:

  • They may voluntarily apply to the program.
  • They could be formally ordered into the program.

Is participation in the HPRP kept confidential?

Any non-compliance (and subsequent removal from the program) may be reported to the Bureau of Professional Licensing. Addressing the issue before a healthcare professional finds themselves in trouble is key. Participation on a voluntarily level is kept confidential.Unfortunately, if someone is ordered to this program by the board of licensing, the person’s participation is not kept confidential.

When is the best time to enroll in the HPRP?

Participation is often in response to violations (reported by employer or criminal conviction) made known to the licensing board. While this process follows voluntary enrollment (creating a roadmap to recovery), the consequences for failing to comply are harsher. Moreover, one may be kept to a stricter standard regarding their monitoring.

Overall, it’s more beneficial to voluntarily enroll in this program. Additionally, it’s best to cope with any substance abuse/mental health concerns before a regulatory body intervenes. If a healthcare professional encounters a substance abuse issue, it’s imperative that they consider the positive benefits of the HPRP.

While these activities may not sound appealing, it’s best to participate in a program specifically designed for healthcare professionals.

Determining your Future as a Healthcare Professional

Ultimately, the decision to seek help is your own. However, your decision will not just impact your long-term health and wellness, but the future of your professional license.

You shouldn’t have to scramble around to find someone that can help you. If you’re facing substance abuse related offenses, we can help you navigate both the legal and administrative issues.

Your future is too important to be bounced around between different attorneys. Our experience with HPRP will help you avoid the common pitfalls and successfully completing the program.

So, can you save your healthcare license with HPRP? Absolutely, and we want to help you to do so.

Would you benefit from HPRP? We can help you. Request a free consultation now.

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