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Michigan Felony Drug Crime | Penalties And How To Fight Them


If you are convicted of a felony drug crime, you will likely face a number of consequences that will impact your life for years to come. That’s why our felony drug defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Barton Morris are here to give you insight into how your felony drug defense attorney should fight against the various penalties related to drug crimes. Read through our blog, then contact The Law Offices of Barton Morris in Royal Oak, MI with any questions.

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Drug Trafficking

If you are facing a drug trafficking charge in Michigan, you will be facing some of the most serious penalties under state law. The severity of these penalties depends on the type and amount of drugs involved in the crime. For a Schedule l or Schedule ll drug, you could face over 20 years in prison and be fined $25,000 to $250,000.

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Drug Possession

Possession of a controlled substance is a less serious offense than drug trafficking, but it can still result in significant penalties. Like with drug trafficking, the severity of the crime will depend on the type and amount of drugs. For example, if you are caught in possession of fewer than 50 grams of cocaine, you could be facing up to four years of imprisonment. But if you are found with over 50 grams you could face twenty years or more of prison time.

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Prescription Drugs

If you are found in possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription, it may result in a felony charge. This is especially true if the drug is classified as a narcotic or a Schedule l or Schedule ll drug. Penalties for this type of possession include:

            • 4-year felony for possession of fewer than 50 grams
            • 20-year felony for possession of 50 – 450 grams
            • 30-year felony for possession of 450 – 1000 grams
            • Life-sentence felony for possession of 1,000 grams or more

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Fighting Drug Charges

When faced with any form of drug charge, you need to ensure you have a reliable felony drug defense attorney to fight for your rights and guide you through the legal process. To find a quality attorney, you need to look for one that is willing to do trial representation, understands forensic science, and has expert knowledge about state and federal drug laws. They should fight for rehabilitation over punishment and are willing to take the time to understand the subtleties and nuances of your case.

If you have been charged with a Michigan felony drug crime, it is important to understand the potential penalties and how to fight them. With the help of a qualified felony drug defense attorney, you can give yourself the best chance at a positive outcome. Contact The Law Offices of Barton Morris today to learn more about your legal options. 

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