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How Is A DUI in a School Zone Charged in Michigan

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Taking care when driving in a school zone is of the utmost importance to protect the lives of young students. However, drivers can be charged with not only driving above the speed limit in a school zone, but alsobe charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in a school zone. The combination of these two elements in Michigan driving law can result in very serious consequences for the individual charged. Avoid these consequences by contacting a DUI lawyer from The Law Offices of Barton Morris in Royal Oak, and let us help you understand and fight the charges against you. Learn more about this area of Michigan law below, and contact our defense lawyers for DUI charges today for a free consultation!


School Zone Designation

A school zone is an area of road that is near or around a place of education, which requires a driver to slow down and be more vigilant of pedestrians and school buses. Throughout school zones in the Royal Oak area and surrounding cities, the speed limit is typically lowered by 20 miles per hour and is not less than 25 miles per hour; this forces drivers to slow down 30 minutes before and after the start and end of the school day. If a driver does not follow the school zone speed limit, he or she can face fines that are double what a typical traffic violation would be.

However, a DUI attorney from The Law Offices of Barton Morris will tell you the consequences get even more severe if a child or other pedestrian is seriously hurt or killed in a school zone. A defense lawyer for DUI charges understands how a driver — either under the influence of alcohol or not — faces a felony conviction, a $7,500 fine, or 15 years in prison for causing injury or death in a school zone. Get a free case consultation today to learn more about how The Law Offices of Barton Morris can help!




DUI Laws In Michigan

Aside from laws that deal specifically with school zones, the State of Michigan also has certain means of classifying DUI cases. These charges against Michigan drivers are associated with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher, but the consequences can vary whether it is a first, second, or third offense. The first DUI offense is commonly associated with up to 93 days in jail, fines between $100 and $500, and 45 days worth of community service. However, a DUI lawyer at The Law Offices of Barton Morris knows the situation can get much worse for a second or third DUI offense, which includes expensive fines and even more jail time. 






Possible Consequences Of School Zone DUIs

Being charged with a DUI in a school zone in Michigan is guaranteed to bring even more heavy consequences than a typical DUI offense. A DUI lawyer from The Law Offices of Barton Morris is more than capable of providing a full, in-depth explanation of how a charge like this is different from traditional school zone speeding charges and what you as a client can expect. Regardless, you need a defense lawyer for DUI charges that takes every measure possible to protect your rights and guide you toward a better solution. Get in touch with us today to get started!







Contact A Defense Lawyer for DUI Charges

The right DUI attorney is one who’s knowledgeable about all possible consequences of a DUI charge, whether it’s in a school zone or otherwise. The Law Offices of Barton Morris in Royal Oak are considered one of the best law firms in the entire State of Michigan, with the ability to handle both state and federal prosecutions. Our experienced, highly-skilled DUI lawyers are dedicated to providing our clients education on what consequences they could be facing and crafting a defense. Whether it’s your first, second, or third DUI offense, contact us today for help!







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