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How Does Michigan Law Classify Drug Charges?

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When it comes to Michigan law and legislature, the criminal justice system views drug cases in a very unique way. While a drug crime defense attorney from the Law Offices of Barton Morris is more than capable of detailing exactly what constitutes a misdemeanor or felony drug charge, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics. Whether you’re actively seeking felony drug defense attorney advice or are researching for a family member, the Law Offices of Barton Morris is happy to add a little clarity. Read more about Michigan drug laws below and reach out to us today if you need a drug crime defense attorney.


Schedule I, II, III, IV, V Drug Classification

One of the signature details of Michigan’s drug charge classification is how each controlled substance is labeled. The state classifies narcotics into various categories known as “schedules,” which in descending order include substances with the highest to the lowest potential for abuse and addiction. For example, Schedule V may include over-the-counter substances such as cold medicine, and Schedule I and II would include drugs like heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy. However, the best way to know which category a certain substance falls into is to speak with one of our felony drug defense attorneys.






Misdemeanor v. Felony

When it comes to the drug charges themselves in the State of Michigan, they tend to be classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. If you’re caught by local authorities possessing small amounts of any controlled substances or illegal drugs, you’re likely to receive a misdemeanor charge with less severe consequences. However, the drug crime defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Barton Morris know actions such as selling illegal drugs and controlled substances or possessing the Schedule I and II drugs heroin and cocaine both warrant felony charges. If any of these situations mirror your own, reach out to us today to receive a defense lawyer for drug charges.






Potential Imprisonment 

Imprisonment is a possibility for individuals who are convicted on both misdemeanor and felony drug charges, although the amounts vary substantially. Should you be caught in possession of any Schedule I and II substance — which are considered felonies — the amount of prison time you face if found guilty varies:

  • Less than 25 grams: 4 years
  • 25-50 grams: 4 years
  • 50-450 grams: 20 years
  • 450-1,000 grams: 30 years
  • 1,000+ grams: Life in prison

On the other hand, a drug crime defense attorney will tell you that being convicted of a misdemeanor drug charge will often result in you receiving no more than one year of prison time. Understand all the possible situations you may face by speaking with a defense lawyer for drug charges!



Potential Fines & Similar Penalties

The Michigan legal system may give guilty persons prison time, demand they pay a fine, or both. Either way, felony drug charge convictions will result in the guilty party paying anywhere from $25,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the amount of the illegal substance he or she is caught with. Fines for misdemeanor charges, however, are less severe and typically result in a fine of about $2,000. However, the felony drug defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Barton Morris know facing any fine can be devastating and difficult to pay. Reach out to us today!





Contact A Defense Lawyer for Drug Charges Now

If you’re facing any sort of drug charge in the State of Michigan, contact the Law Offices of Barton Morris now for critical legal advice from a drug crime defense attorney. We’re dedicated to helping individuals across the state navigate the judicial system and avoid facing judges and prosecutors alone. Reach out to our felony drug defense attorneys now!


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