Attorney Barton Morris has been voted a top attorney in Metro Detroit by DBusiness Magazine for criminal defense and drunk driving defense for two consecutive years - 2012 and 2013. Barton Morris gets great results for his clients because he is Experienced, Aggressive and Knowledgeable. If you, or a loved one, has been charged with a criminal offense, especially Drunk Driving, Drugs, Weapons, Assault, Theft, or License Restoration then you know your life is on the line. Your choice of an attorney is probably the most important choice you are going to make.

Barton Morris takes cases with the effort and desire to win. In order to win, you sometimes must take a case to trial. Being an effective trial lawyer takes the proper training, They don’t teach effective trial practice in law school. Barton has been trained repeatedly by the country’s top trial lawyers including:

- Graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College, September 2011 Dubois Wyoming
- Graduate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys National Criminal Defense College, June 1999 Macon Georgia
- Graduate of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan’s Trial Practice College, August 2010 Lansing Michigan

Barton Morris successfully performs several jury trials each year. If an attorney shows he is not afraid of going to trial, and does so on a regular basis, prosecutors and judges give better deals and the client receives the best results.

In DUI cases, the evidence is highly scientific and complex. To properly and effectively represent an individual charged with DUI, a lawyer must be trained and skilled to fight against this evidence. Otherwise, all the lawyer can do is plead someone guilty. In addition to the intensive trial training, Barton Morris has shown his commitment to DUI defense by spending his time and money to attend advanced DUI seminars including:

- NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner Course
- Gas Chromatograph (GC/FID and MS) Blood Testing for Alcohol and Drugs
- Datamaster DMT Operation and Certification Course
- BAC Datamaster Operation and Certification Course
- Drug Recognition Expert Training Course
- Plus continuing legal training afforded by being an active member of the following organizations:
- National College of DUI Defense – four sponsored specialized DUI training sessions per year
- Michigan OWI Attorney Association (charter member).

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Choosing the right attorney

Choosing the right attorney is challenging. How do you know who will do the best job for you? The best method for choosing the right attorney is to meet and interview several lawyers: at least three. Make sure the attorneys you choose to speak with do 100% criminal defense to ensure they are experienced enough. Then you must ask the right questions.

- How many jury trials have you tried in the last year?
- What specialized criminal defense training have you Received recently?
- What are your communication standards?
- How do you receive great results for your clients?

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I just wanted to thank you and your staff one last time. I appreciate your hard work and would recommend you to anyone!! The outcome was much better than I expected it to be. Thank you, Thank you! :-). Kelly C.

Thank you Barton Morris

I was charged with a felony drug case and misdemeanor drug case. I had never been in this type of serious trouble with the law before. After my arrest I researched different criminal attorneys, and Mr. Morris’ name kept showing up at the top of my lists. As soon as I met with him, I knew he was the man for the job. He has confidence, and he knows how to ask the right questions. After hiring Mr. Morris he IMMEDIATELY went to work on my cases. Although the legal process was slow and drawn out, he kept me informed throughout this ordeal in a very timely manner. He was always on time for court hearings, and his office staff kept me informed of any changes to these hearings. Instead of just pleading guilty to the charges, he worked very hard to get my felony charge dropped. He also made sure there was no jail time which is important in any criminal case. My misdemeanor case was also negotiated to a much lesser charge. I hope I never have to go through any incident like this again, but I know if I do, I am in great hands with Mr. Morris. If anyone is in any type of criminal trouble, I highly recommend Barton W. Morris, Jr. He is honest, hardworking and gets the job done.

-Criminal Defense Client

Barton got my cased dismissed! Two thumbs up! Five stars *****

Case Dismissed

Mr. Morris, Jr. represented me for the license restoration process. Throughout the process he guided me competently and thoroughly and was confident that he would succeed in getting my license restored. He ensured that all documents that were to be submitted were accurate and consistent with what he knew the DLAD required. At the hearing he was prepared and articulate. I fully believe that had I attempted this process without his guidance I would not have been successful. I was, in fact awarded driving privileges again and look forward to consulting him again in a year when I can apply for full restoration of my license. I have full confidence that he will handle my case with the same thoroughness and attention to detail.

Driver’s License Restoration Client

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