The City of Pontiac is now being patrolled and protected by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. They have been making a high amount of drunk and drugged driving arrests in the past year. The judges in the 50th are diverse. Judge Cynthia Walker is very fair, likeable and easy to work with. Judge Preston Thomas is stern yet fair as well. Judge Thomas is a good trial judge. Judge Rhonda Gross can be very pleasant on the bench and provides fair sentences although, as an ex-prosecutor, she is very pro prosecution during a trial. Respectfully, it’s hard to get a fair trial to the Defendant before Judge Gross. Judge Michael Martinez is tough and can be cynical. Despite his reputation, I have received good and fair legal rulings before Judge Martinez recently. Overall I consider Judge Martinez to be very intelligent and mostly fair.

Because most cases are prosecuted by the Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney in the 50th it is important to have an attorney that has a reputation for fighting and winning trials. An attorney with a reputation for pleas is at their mercy. Assistant Oakland County Prosecuting Attorneys are discouraged from plea bargaining.