I have defended a lot of drunk driving in Dearborn over the years, most of them successfully. I have had at least two recent jury trials there as well. While the City Attorneys historically have been sometimes difficult to deal with, by and large, when push comes to shove, good results have been obtained. The judges in this court are all very different. Judge Mark Sommers is seen as very conservative. He has been there since 2002 after 20 years in a general practice. He openly opposes medical marijuana and in 2011 ruled that the law is unconstitutional because it contradicts federal law. Overall, Judge Sommers has been often criticized and well publicized. I performed one jury trial before him where he was pretty fair to both sides but clearly very conservative but respectful.

Judge William Hultgren has been on the bench since 1992. He is considered as a very fair, intelligent and liberal judge. Opposite of Judge Sommers, Judge Hultgren is liberal with his legal and sentencing decisions. Currently serving his fourth six year term, he is a pleasure to practice before and will be missed when he retires in 2017.

Judge Sam Salamey has been the magistrate in Dearborn for 14 years and was elected judge beginning January 2013. He is a former Dearborn Police Officer. I congratulate him and look forward to practicing before him in the future.