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From Panic to Peace:
Get The Best in Defending Domestic Violence Cases

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How We Plan to Defend You Against Domestic Charges

We understand the weight and fear of being unable to see your family, turbulent living situations, and potential job implications. 

The Law Offices of Barton Morris are your best possible partner in defending against Domestic Violence charges. 

Our firm can tackle even the most serious offenses, including felonious assault and battery.

Our expert criminal attorneys vow to stay by your side every step of the way, and fight for your best possible result.

We are ready to bring that fight to the courtroom on your behalf. Contact us today for a FREE consultation! 

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Our team vows to bring you the best possible defense
and deeply care about bringing peace and comfort back to your life!
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man holding hand cuffs and getting out of jail

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Why Choose Barton Morris?
  • Industry Leading Customer Service –  We are a first-class law firm that delivers a customer experience just like a five star hotel.

  • Exceptional Results – We understand that when you hire a law firm, the thing that matters most is results. Our lawyers are top notch who create and implement strategies to ensure we accomplish your goals.

  • Stress Free, Personalized Attention – We have high communication standards which ensures our clients are fully informed. This leads to a stress free, happy client which is important to us.

Over 100 5-Star Reviews

  • I’d Give This Law Firm 50,000 Stars if I Could

    They acknowledged my case wasn’t going to be easy to win but still took on my case along with the guarantee that I’ll get it back. And they were able to get my license back after so many years of not having one. I have my life back because of this firm and I can’t thank them enough!
    – Google User
  • Barton Was Amazing

    I could not have had the positive outcome without his guidance. His team is prompt and great to work with. He even called while out of the country on vacation, which I feel shows he went above and beyond what someone might expect from their attorney…
    – Bryan S.

Rebuild Your Life and Find Peace.

We will stay by your side until you receive the best possible result. We promise to be your best line of defense against serious charges, and to give you your life back.

You are one step away from securing your future and getting back to a comfortable life. 

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