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DUI/OUI Defense Attorney Chris Urban

Hard-Hitting DUI/OUI Specialist in Michigan Fighting for You

The Law Offices of Barton Morris is known far and wide as the most successful DUI defense firm in the state of Michigan. We owe much of our driving under the influence (DUI) and operating under the influence (OUI) case successes to Attorney Chris Urban. As a DUI/OUI specialist, Attorney Urban has unmatched insight and experience into Michigan’s DUI laws, the actions taken by prosecutions in typical cases, and much more.

If you want to get the best results possible for your DUI/OUI case in Michigan, you want to work with Attorney Chris Urban and the rest of our team. Read why:

See why our law firm stands apart from all others:

Attorney Chris Urban has engaged in education and training necessary to be a successful DUI defense litigator. He has represented hundreds of people accused of drunk or drugged driving in Michigan. His DUI specific education combined with his practical experience make him one of the best DUI defense litigators in the State of Michigan. Further, he does not automatically try and plead people guilty. Chris properly investigates every case to identify all important issues that need to be strategically considered.

Chris understands the science behind breath and blood alcohol testing. He is an expert in evaluating field sobriety examinations. Chris has cross-examined countless numbers of police officers and knows their training DUI enforcement training better than they do.

What separates Attorney Urban from the rest is that he truly listens to each client and cares about their case. His genuine compassion helps a client feel good about their case no matter the facts because they know that Chris will fight for them and what they care about. Chris is also very well respected among the judges and prosecutors around the state.

Chris is respectful with them but demands justice. He knows how to be persuasive because each judge and/or prosecutor is different and must be dealt with in different ways. There is no one size fits all approach – every case is individually evaluated by Chris and all the lawyers in the law office. The Law Office of Barton Morris takes a team approach.

When four lawyers are working on a case as a team, nothing is overlooked, and every case is exhaustively evaluated. Clients will not get that treatment anywhere else but at the Law Office of Barton Morris.

DUI/OUI/DWI offenses are some of the most common reasons for arrests in Michigan. This is a problem for you, the defendant, as it means the prosecution will have extensive experience with cases similar to yours. They will be ready to use tried-and-true methods to lock a conviction and shut down inexperienced defenders. Relying on a DUI defense attorney beneath our station is a serious risk you cannot afford to take.

The Law Offices of Barton Morris and Michigan DUI Defense Specialist Chris Urban allow you to get the high ground and initiative in your DUI/OUI case. We have seen all sorts of DUI cases and achieved monumental success throughout the years. We are confident that no other DUI law firm in Michigan can make an honest claim to say they are better than us when it comes to DUI/OUI defense.

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In life and in criminal defense representation, confidence can go just as far as knowledge. When used in conjunction, impossible results are made real. At The Law Offices of Barton Morris, we have been combining our legal knowledge with our own self-confidence for years to the benefit of our clients. We approach every case with tenacity and sureness that sets the opposition off balance and positions our OUI/DUI clients to secure the best possible case result, be it a case dismissal, sentencing reduction, or not guilty verdict.

High-stakes cases we have handled with success in the past included charges for:

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