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No matter what criminal charge you are facing, you should not take any risks with your freedom. If you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges, you want the power of a reputable attorney in the courtroom. The repercussions of criminal charges, whether for a misdemeanor or felony, can alter your life forever.

Your attorney should be skilled in many areas of criminal defense. Even more than having a comprehensive understanding of the law, you want your attorney to be respected in the legal community among prosecutors and judges.

Attorney Barton Morris’s vast experience and skill as a trial lawyer have earned him a reputation for success. He is well respected in our courts due to his professionalism and confidence in handling Michigan criminal cases. Having a conviction on your record can have severe consequences and seriously limit your future opportunities.

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Why Choose The Law Offices of Barton Morris?

Barton Morris is an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney who will go to work for you and aggressively fight for the results you need. Along with his team, he is recognized throughout the state of Michigan as a top trial and criminal lawyer.

Experience in Michigan

Barton has exclusively practiced criminal law for over 20 years in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, and the surrounding counties. Recently selected as one of the Top Lawyers in Metro Detroit, Barton Morris has successfully defended clients charged with complex drug distribution cases, medical marijuana violation cases, theft/fraud crimes, assault cases involving weapons, sex crimes, juvenile crimes, domestic violence offenses, home invasions, and drunk/drugged driving cases.

Legal Memberships

Barton is an active member of the National College of DUI Defense, which is comprised of the top drunk driving attorneys in the country. Barton Morris is also a member of the Federal Bar Association Eastern District of Michigan Chapter, State Bar of Michigan, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan.

Barton Morris also received training from some of the most prominent criminal defense attorneys in the country. He attended the prestigious Trial Lawyer’s College, which has allowed him to achieve incredible results in the courtroom for his clients. Barton is also Michigan’s only American Chemical Society’s Forensic Lawyer Scientist.

Barton Cares

Whether it’s a traffic ticket or murder charges, your case is extremely important to you. No one understands that more than Barton Morris, and he feels the same way. No one will ever feel like their case is not being taken seriously.

Experience, Professionalism & Compassion

When you retain the services of The Law Offices of Barton Morris, you get more than just a lawyer to stand beside you in front of a judge. You get an entire team of dedicated lawyers fighting relentlessly on your behalf

Our Criminal Defense Philosophy

There are many attorneys out there that take the first deal offered to their clients. Attorney Barton Morris knows that the best results come when a case is effectively handled and litigated. Preparation is the key to effective litigation and no one prepares for a case better than Barton Morris.

As his client, you will be fully prepared for what will happen at each stage of your case. We will do everything we can to alleviate the stress that a legal issue can cause to you and your family by answering your questions and keeping you informed of all appointments and court hearings.

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What Sets The Law Offices of Barton Morris Apart?

Over Two Decades of Legal Experience Within A Variety of Practice Areas

We’ll Tackle Even The Most Challenging Cases & Refuse To Back Down

We Have a Successful Track-Record Obtaining Favorable Outcomes For Our Clients

Our Seasoned Trial Lawyers Aren’t Afraid To Go To Court & Fight For Your Rights

From Our Clients

50+ Reviews, 5 Star Ratings

Stop your Google search, pick up the phone and retain the services of the best criminal defense team in the state of Michigan. When you hire Barton Morris to represent you, you should be confident in knowing that the lawyers on his team will fight for your legal rights in every way possible. Mr. Morris and his associates legal knowledge is unsurpassed bar none. Although my case was unique, having been on the lam for sixteen years, Mr. Morris was able to prove that the lack of evidence was detrimental to the prosecution and all charges were dismissed. Mr. Morris happened to be the second lawyer that I contacted. The first lawyer said he would take my case for a $10K retainer fee and that I had a long road ahead of me. The next day, I contacted Mr. Morris and knew from our first conversation that I was in good hands with his representation. Stop shopping around and hire Barton Morris today!

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