Michigan Asset Forfeiture

What Is At Issue With Michigan Civil And Criminal Forfeitures?

If you have been or are currently involved with a drug case, including narcotics and controlled substances in Michigan, chances are there may be asset forfeitures that have happened to you or are in the works. What are these? Forfeitures are the State of Michigan Police along with other local law enforcement agencies ways of confiscating personal property of yours and essentially, converting the property’s cash-value to their own use in making purchases and upgrades for themselves. The idea being that if you are criminally responsible for your bad acts and have profited from these activities, then part of the punishment is that you should lose your things as an incentive to not do it again.

The State of Michigan has notoriously harsh and punitive asset forfeiture rules. Each year law enforcement groups by county are to submit an annual report to the state listing by amounts seized and cash values accrued, all of the confiscations and forfeitures taken and converted by the Michigan State Police, Local Police Agencies statewide, various Sheriff’s Departments, as well as multijurisdictional task forces such as combined efforts with federal agencies and county drug-enforcement teams.

Michigan law allows for forfeiture proceeds to be used to enrich law enforcement agencies at the expense of your confiscated property. This can include staffing, equipment purchasing, payroll, ‘controlled buy’ money, training expenses and drug-education outreach programming to name a few. The Michigan State Police Asset Forfeiture Report of 2013 alone disclosed a total net proceed cash value of $22,368,143.00 in seized property. That is a staggering amount of money. The other end of this revenue stream for police agencies is that it can be rather difficult to recover confiscated property if you are a victim of an asset seizure.

What You Will Deal With In An Asset Forfeiture Case

If you are found guilty of narcotics, controlled substances, or other drug use in the State of Michigan, it is likely that you will have other property involved with drug dealings seized by the police. This can certainly include cash, your vehicle, print material, weapons amongst other things such as equipment for the manufacturing of drugs. If you are in this situation, you will want the best success, training and education you can get by working with The Law Office of Barton Morris. Mr. Morris and his highly qualified staff are able to work with you in dealing with both criminal charges resulting from drugs and narcotics, as well as helping you recover any seized property in the process. Usually, asset forfeiture cases begin to move forward after a successful conviction in drug cases. No matter where you are in your case, it is important that you contact Mr. Morrs and his staff to begin working with you immediately. His office works all over the State of Michigan including all of Metro-Detroit and the tri-county area, as well as Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Lansing.

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Part of the difficulty with asset forfeiture cases is that in some cases, you do not need to be criminally charged, much less convicted to have your property taken away from you. It can be a challenge to recover confiscated property in a court once it has been seized. Police agencies assume that many pieces of property involved in drug cases are somehow connected to profiting from a drug crime and are therefore likely to be taken. This is common, certainly with money and vehicles.

Have You Been Charged With A Drug Crime, Controlled Substance, or Narcotics Case around Metro-Detroit, Tri-County, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo or Lansing?

If you are being investigated for drug charges in any of these cities or counties around the state of Michigan, The Law Office of Barton Morris is your best bet in handling your case. His expertise and training in chemical analysis and drug-forensic science allows Mr. Morris to give you defenses and an advantage in your cases that other lawyers cannot. He is proficient in determining what drugs, if any at all, are at issue and how much there was – something that prosecutors and the courts will look to in deciding on sentencing guidelines. Contact Mr. Morris’s office and staff at (248) 541-2600 or on his website at to schedule an appointment and discuss what is involved with your case to see how he can be of assistance to you in either getting your charges dismissed altogether if not greatly reduced. Mr. Morris has successfully defended against drug and alcohol cases for several years with both of these criminal charges being possible asset forfeiture cases as well. Drug Crime cases and Asset Forfeiture proceedings are very specialized in nature. The Law Office of Barton Morris can help you plan a personalized defense that will maximize your gains and minimize your losses, both in court and against your property.

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Contact Barton Morris As Your Criminal Defense Attorney In Drug Cases And Asset Forfeitures Right Away.

The best choice you can make in protecting both your personal freedoms and your belongings from unnecessary charges and confiscations is to call The Law Office of Barton Morris immediately to begin work on your case. (248) 541-2600.