miaowia_B-01-259x300The Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys (MIAOWIA) was formed in 2012. Barton Morris was an inaugural member. The mission of the organization is to raise the level of practice amongst attorneys defending drunk and drugged driving cases in the State of Michigan. The Association believes that if we join forces we can collectively fight DUI cases much better than individually. Drunk driving cases involve science and specialized training. Therefore education is key to effective DUI defense. MIAOWIA therefore sponsors and organizes two seminars per year specifically to train attorneys to fight alcohol and drug related driving prosecutions. The seminars have been recognized and approved by the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD) of which Barton Morris is also a member.

After Vice President John Talpos stepped down, Barton Morris was nominated and selected as the first attorney to replace an original member of the board in February of 2014. He joins a very exclusive list of top DUI attorneys in Michigan that serve on the Board. His duties include the assisting association policy making, seminar planning, and membership coordination and recruitment.

MIAOWIA has the potential to greatly influence the State of Michigan’s criminal justice system and play a role in the strengthening forensic science around the country. Barton Morris is honored and excited to play a part.