Does a passenger have to get out of the vehicle when pulled over

When pulled over, cooperate, even if you think it’s wrong

If the officer asks for identification, provide it if you have it. Lying to officer about your identity, like when you think you may have a warrant, could get you an obstruction of justice or providing false info to a police officer arrest. They will likely discover your identity anyway.  If the driver is asked to get out of the vehicle, the passenger should stay in the vehicle without engaging in any disruptive behavior. If the officer asks the passenger to step out of the vehicle, the passenger should do so. Although the passenger has technically not done anything wrong, the officers may still ask the passenger to exit the vehicle to perform a search.

What if the passenger refuses to get out

If the passenger refuses to exit the vehicle when asked by the officer, that would be resisting a peace officer’s lawful request. Although the passenger may not have done anything wrong, the passenger could get him or herself a criminal charge after refusing to exit the vehicle. The officer in this instance could possibly use force to get the passenger out of the vehicle which usually ends up bad for everyone. The best thing to do is cooperate and get out of the car when asked.

The issue here is that the officer’s request must be lawful. If there is a situation where you were asked by an officer to do something, and it was not lawful, there are defenses to be raised for your case.