A drinking and driving charge is overwhelming. It is difficult to understand the process and what to do next. The best advice is to retain a qualified attorney about how to proceed. But, the problem is deciding which attorney(s) to call. It may be a good idea to consult more than one attorney before you decide which one to hire. You should call an attorney who specializes in and knowledgeable about drunk driving defense because it is this specialty that can and will likely lead to a favorable outcome such as a careless driving conviction or the entire case dismissed. Many attorneys with OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) cases will just plea their clients guilty and perform the least work possible. An attorney who specializes in OWI defense will know what to look for in your case and present you with all legitimate options for the most favorable resolution. When faced with an OWI, a specialized attorney will submit motions and find solid issues to argue in your defense that other attorneys are not aware of or over look. A specialized attorney understands the science behind an OWI investigation such as how alcohol metabolizes in your b0dy, how breath tests work and what their weaknesses are. Your attorney must also understand the training and methodology of field sobriety testing that the police administer. Knowledge about these OWI investigatory methods along with effective trial skills will provide the attorney with arsenal necessary to effectively argue in the client’s favor and achieve good results.

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