dui-defense-lawer-associationThe DUI Defense Lawyers Association is an organization of best drunk driving lawyers all over the country with the goal of providing training, guidance, and instruction to its members on how to be the best DUI Defense Lawyers. They accomplish this mission in several ways including email list groups, forensic library access and national seminars featuring the best speakers in DUI related fields including breath and blood alcohol testing, field sobriety testing, Drug Recognition Experts, Forensic Metrology, trial skills and marketing. The Winter 2014 Seminar was held on January 16 -18 in Santa Monica California. Barton Morris was invited to and did present a presentation on winning DUI trial strategies. Barton is now on the DUIDLA faculty.

 There were approximately 100 members who are DUI lawyers from all over the country in attendance and Barton was well received. Barton’s proven trial skills are what he is known for and were the reason he was selected to be on the faculty. Teaching other lawyers what he has known is a special privilege and Barton is honored to have the opportunity. The more quality DUI defense lawyers there are the better the entire criminal judicial system will be for DUI litigation. When prosecutors and police more routinely face qualified DUI defense lawyers the better they will do their jobs which is good for all.