ncdd_logo_linkEffectively defending alcohol and drugged driving violations requires a high amount of specialized education, knowledge and experience of several disciplines. Knowledge of the fundamentals of breath alcohol testing, blood alcohol and drug testing, police DUI investigation techniques including field sobriety testing and the protocals of drug recognition experts are required to be a top DUI defense lawyer. The National College of DUI Defense (NCDD) is an organization comprised of the best DUI defense attorneys in the entire country whose mission is to educate its members and ensure that effective representation is available to all citizens in this country who need it. Only attorneys who specialize and excel in DUI defense are invited to become members. Proscutors and judges are excluded. The College sponsors four continuing legal education conferences each year. This year the 2013 Winter Conference was located in Scottsdale Arizona at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch January 17th and 18th.  Barton Morris has been a member since 2010 and with enthusiasm and excitement attended the conference which was, as expected, a tremendous experience.

The weekend began with the Attendee’s Reception where 95 conference attendees, faculty, regents and staff celebrated the College and the begining of the Winter Session. New members were welcomed and old friends were reunited admist a wonderful dinner and drinks afterwhich live music was enjoyed in a beautiful setting. For the next two days, the attendees were provided with specialized lectures and demonstrations on many subjects inlcuding jury selection, cross examination of arresting officers, cross examination of forensic scientists, breath testing theory and issue spotting and SFST cross examination. The sessions were incredibly educational, practical and inspirational. Barton Morris learned several new mehods and strategies which will certainly allow him to continue to practice at the top of the DUI defebese field and allow his clients to benefit with exceptional and effective results.

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Equally important, Barton Morris stregthened his relationships with the best DUI lawyers in the country who are mutually willing to share strategies, knowledge and tactics to ensure we all stay at the top of our game in providing exceptional defense to those accussed and charged with alcohol and drug related driving offenses.

The next NCDD session is Mastering Scientific Evidence March 21-22 in New Orleans, LA followed by the Summer Session at Harvard University.

In order to provide effective and exceptional DUI defense, continuing DUI education and practice is absolutely necessary. Barton Morris is 100% dedicated to seek and receive this education regularly because his clients deserve the best defense services available.