About John Trummer

Attorney John Trummer is an Associate Attorney with over a decade’s experience in sexual assault and domestic violence cases, as well as various other criminal matters. After receiving his BA in Psychology from University of Michigan, he earned his JD from Northeastern University’s School of Law in 2010. Attorney Trummer was in private practice for a few years before joining the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office Sexual Assault Kit Task Force. After spending a year taking cold criminal sexual conduct cases to trial in Wayne County Circuit Court, John transferred to the Domestic Violence Unit where he spent 18 months trying felony domestic assault cases. Then, he moved to the Sexual Assault Team where he once again worked on criminal sexual cases, but contemporary cases rather than the cold cases he started out working on. Coming to the firm with an extensive background in both prosecuting and defending criminal cases, Associate Attorney John Trummer stands ready to fight for you and your rights.
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