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In 2011 the Law Office of Barton Morris represented 67 clients in the attempt to restore their driving privileges that were revoked by the State of Michigan for two or more drunk driving convictions. We were successful in restoring a driver’s license at the Driver License Appeal Division (DLAD) in 64 of those attempts which is an impressive 96%. This year in 2016, we’ve represented more than 50 clients with a 98% success rate. This success is attributed to two main reasons: Experience and Preparedness.

Experience is Important

First, experience in these hearings is incredibly important. Barton Morris has been regularly been representing clients in these administrative hearings for over ten years. The experienced and knowledge gained over that period of time is invaluable. We understand everything there is to know about the process, the requirements, the necessary evidence and the law.

Preparation is Everything

Second, an overwhelming amount of experience does not help unless the client is properly prepared. Barton Morris ensures that each client is completely prepared for their hearing to ensure they are comfortable and confident with the process. We also double check all evidence planned for presentation to ensure completeness, accuracy and consistency. One mistake can result in a denial meaning a client will have to wait a full year to try again. Barton Morris ensures that mistakes will not be made creating a high percentage of success the first time.

There is a reason that other attorneys do not advertise their statistics. It is because their statistics cannot equal this level of achievement.

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Your Investment

It should be noted that license restoration representation from Barton Morris is offered at a reasonable price. Barton’s attorney fee for everyone is $3,000.00. Other, less experienced attorneys will charge more. They are taking advantage of people’s feelings of desperation which is wrong. I completely earn every bit of my fee because I personally spend up to ten hours on each case ensuring every client has the best opportunity for victory. I am even willing to allow a payment plan if it is necessary.

A driver’s license is incredibly important in our economic troubled metropolitan area. The ability to drive yourself to work and not have to rely upon others could literally mean the difference between prosperity and poverty. Barton Morris is proud to have helped so many people with such a huge positive step in their lives and look forward to helping all future clients as well. The experience and success from 2011 will certainly lead to even greater achievement and more satisfied clients in 2012.

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