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Arrested on charges of Operating While Intoxicated in Troy Michigan

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Have You Been Arrested and Charged With OWI or DUI in Troy Michigan?  Here are some things you should know.

Troy, Michigan is a large and busily populated city with all kinds of bars and restaurants in town.  Amongst several other retailers, the Somerset Mall is one of the staples of the city.  Every year there are thousands of drunk driving arrests in the State of Michigan. The City of Troy is no stranger to drunk driving arrests.  Courts statewide deal with drunk drivers on a near daily basis and the 52-4 District Court in Troy is no exception, in fact, 52-4 hears cases from both the Cities of Troy as well as Clawson.   In spite of efforts to educate, warn and remind Michigan citizens of this very real and ever-present danger, the reality is that drunk drivers are routinely on Michigan’s roadways all throughout the state.  Occurrences of these incidents can vary wildly, from sleeping in parking lots and driveways with the engine running, to swerving on roadways being alerted to authorities by anonymous tipsters on cellphones to outright crashes with serious injuries up to and including death.

For all of the public cry and outrage denouncing drunk driving there is never a shortage of tragic stories on the local nightly news about someone, somewhere being negatively impacted by a drunk driver.  The money and expenses involved with these unfortunate realities is staggering.  In the end, the penalties and consequences stemming from drunk driving charges are severe, with the 52-4 District Court reminding charged drunk drivers that their sentences will hopefully act as a deterrent to future bad acts.

The Law Office of Barton Morris has been successfully defending drivers in both Troy and Clawson on charges of Operating While Impaired and Operating While Intoxicated for several years now.  Mr. Morris provides the experience, education and expertise that you should come to expect from a seasoned, knowledgeable and veteran criminal defense attorney in these communities.  These are extremely serious charges that can have dire consequences for you both short and long term.  Give yourself the best chance at a successful defense possible.

The 52-4 District Court has two judges, both of whom are strict but fair.  Also, the City Attorneys for Troy and Clawson as well as the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office are well versed in prosecuting these cases as they look to help keep drunk drivers off of our roads.  Keep something in mind here, authorities including the police, prosecutors and the courts often see and present drunk driving as no accident.  Rather, drunk drivers are treated with contempt and disdain because of such reckless decisions. ‘How could you not have known better?’ is a routinely asked question during prosecution and sentencing.  Drunk driving is viewed as irresponsible neglect on the one hand and outright willful bad behavior on the other.  Let’s focus on the outcomes – the penalties assessed from OWI convictions.

OWI Penalties and Consequences:

If you have been arrested for or have been charged with OWI / DUI in Troy and IF you are convicted, the penalties will differ based upon case facts and circumstances as well as how many arrests there have been (anything past one conviction would be what the court and prosecutors see as an habitual offender).  By and large, there are three key variables that Michigan courts look to when assessing sentencing penalties once someone is convicted of drunk driving:

  • What Was Your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content)?
  • How Much Time Has Passed Between The Most Current Conviction And Past Priors?  
  • How Many Prior Convictions Do You Have?    

The Criminal Sanctions

This portion of sentencing can come from the 52-4 District Court itself.  It can consist of:

  • A Combination Of Fines And Costs – These can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars (usually assessed over a one or two year period).
  • Possible Jail Time
  • Random Drug And Alcohol Testing – This includes bond conditions as well as probation.
  • Some Sort Of Rehabilitative Programming – This can involve either inpatient or outpatient treatment depending upon what is sentenced as well as substance-abuse counseling and very commonly – mandatory attendance at 12 Step programming such as AA or NA.
  • Community Service
  • Alcohol Awareness Classes (MADD Victim Impact Panels)
  • Sobriety Court – Troy and the 52-4 District Court offers a sobriety-court program.  If eligible, and a client completes the program successfully can be afforded a reduced suspension time of the their driver’s license to as few as 45 days after which time an ignition interlock would be used. This is far more encouraging than being sidelined without a license for longer periods of time – making everything else considerably more difficult.

The Administrative Sanctions

These penalties are determined by the Michigan Secretary of State’s office and penalize your right to drive.  They are a separate and distinct matter from what the court decides upon sentencing including:

  • Loss of Driver’s License – It can be either restricted or revoked altogether for an extended period of time depending upon the charge and priors on the record.  This alone can and will have a devastating impact on your quality of life.
  • Points on Your Driver’s License – This will undoubtedly increase your auto-insurance premiums.
  • Immobilization / Interlock Device – Again, either mandatory or permissive upon what the court ordered at sentencing.  These devices are cumbersome and expensive with a lengthy time period for their use.

Finally, as mentioned earlier these penalties do not include the fact that drunk driving convictions remain on your criminal record.  They cannot be expunged and can have a negative impact on many other daily life concerns for years to come, such as getting and keeping a job and other various security clearing measures – notably the right to freely travel.


OWI / DUI cases are very often complex because of the tooling and instrumentation not only involved in obtaining evidence but analyzing it once it has been collected.  Sometimes, police and prosecutors are misinformed as to what they materials they actually have in order to obtain a conviction, and it is in this way that Mr. Morris can effectively fight for you in court to at least have your charges reduced if not dropped altogether.  A not guilty decision is the ultimate goal as it allows you to move on with your life without the charges listed above interfering with your future.  Some OWI / DUI defenses are:

  • The Police wrongfully stopped your vehicle
  • You weren’t really driving
  • The Police inaccurately administered field sobriety and breath or blood tests
  • The testing instruments used (breath and blood) are not working properly


What Can You Do About All Of This?

The Law Office of Barton W. Morris, Jr. has TRIED and SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED Numerous Drunk Driving Cases in Troy, Michigan.

Mr. Morris has defended several OWI / DUI cases the 52-4 District Court in Troy to great success.  He is well versed in the penalties and consequences presented.  He understands the gravity that these charges can bring and what types of defenses are available to fight against them in court.  His knowledge and expertise will prove invaluable when it comes to helping you deal with the police, prosecutors and the courts.  Most case facts and charges are rather particular and unique in nature, so you will want the very best drunk driving criminal defense lawyer available.  The Law Office of Barton W. Morris, Jr, is available to you any time to discuss the facts of your case and to create a specialized, particular defense as well as excellent representation from the beginning of your case to post-conviction if necessary.

Do not get yourself into a situation that is very difficult to come out of.  Troy cracks down on drunk driving and prosecutes these cases aggressively. Let Mr. Morris begin working with you as soon as possible on your case to work toward the best solutions available to you.  Contact his office today at (248) 541-2600 to begin working on your OWI / DUI charge.