Failure to Stop and Identify at the Scene of a Property Damage Accident

Failure to Stop and Identify at a Property Damage Accident is commonly called Hit and Run. It is a 6 point misdemeanor offense that usually carries a fine. If you get the wrong judge jail and probation are possible. In Michigan, drivers involved in an accident have several requirements they must fulfill under state law:

If you know, or have reason to believe you’ve been in an accident with an individual or another vehicle, you must:

  1. Give your name, address, and the registration number of the vehicle you are operating, including the name and address of the owner (if you don’t own it yourself) to a police officer, the individual struck, or the driver or occupants of the other vehicle involved,
  2. Show your operator’s or chauffer’s license to a police officer, the individual struck, or the driver or occupants of the other vehicle,
  3. Render reasonable assistance to anyone injured in the accident in securing medical aid, or arrange for or provide transportation to any injured individual (basically, call 911)

M.C.L.A. 257.619

Penalties for this vary according to the kind of damages or injuries that occur. In the case of Property Damage, you must stop your vehicle at the scene (unless doing so would cause further harm), call the police, wait for them to arrive, and satisfy the requirements section 619 places on you.

If you do not, and the accident results in damage to any other vehicle, you are considered guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment up to 90 days and/or a fine up to $100, and can incur a 6 point penalty to your license. M.C.L.A. 257.618

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