DLAD Drivers License Restoration

If you have a revoked license for multiple drunk driving offenses contact Attorney Barton Morris for the best chance to get it back. Barton Morris is highly experienced in conducting the Driver License Appeal Division Hearings and is very successful. Attorney Morris not only prepares you for the hearing but also assists you with the preparation of letters and the substance abuse evaluation. Don’t let another year go by without your license so that you can get to work and stop relying on everyone else.

The reason most people are not successful in obtaining their license the first time is because they do not understand the process and what is expected. They believe that they can do it without an experienced attorney then they have to wait a full year when they get denied. The ONLY was to ensure success is to retain an attorney who thoroughly knows the process which greatly increases your likelihood for victory.

Have you recently been denied your license, call Attorney Barton Morris as soon as possible. Attorney Morris may be able to win this case on appeal or at least get you an earlier hearing date.

The process begins by reviewing your driving record, which we can obtain immediately in the office, and determine your eligibility and conviction history. At this time, we will also engage in an extensive review of your personal history and provide a detailed overview of the process.

You will be referred to the appropriate substance abuse evaluator for an evaluation and drug test. Once the evaluation is completed, we review it for accuracy and completeness with you prior to submission to the state. After submission it takes an average of six weeks to receive the hearing date. During that six weeks we assist the client in development and preparation and review of the required three to four letters from close friends and family documenting sobriety.

Prior to the hearing we meticulously prepare the client with a mock hearing where we review all anticipated questions and ensure the client knows exactly what to expect. This includes questions that are particular to each of the hearing officers all of whom we are very familiar with and know what they individually are looking for.

During the hearing we will conduct the examination and presentation of the evidence. We also handle any follow up investigations or evidence submission.

After your license is approved, if a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device is required, we will assist you in procuring this device at the best cost available.

The key to success is proper preparation and meticulous review of all evidence to be submitted.

If everything goes as planned, your license privileges can be restored in as little as 10 weeks.

To visit the State of Michigan’s website regarding license restoration click here.

Click here to get the forms necessary for submission to the state. Call 248-541-2600 with any questions.

in 2011 Barton Morris had a 96% success rate for license restorations, for more info click here.

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