Top DUI Lawyer in Michigan

When you are arrested for drunk driving, you will likely want the top DUI lawyer in Michigan representing you in court. A DUI is a serious charge and it can affect many areas of your life. Besides the possibility that you could end up spending time in jail, you could also pay a substantial fine, higher car insurance, and even lose your driver’s license. This is in addition to other penalties.

A DUI is not a conviction that does not easily go away. It is one that stays on your driving record for the rest of your life. Retaining the services of the top DUI lawyer in Michigan is one of the best ways to successfully fight this charge.

Barton Morris named top DUI lawyer in 2012 and 2013

Barton Morris is an experienced DUI lawyer in Michigan. In 2012 and 2013, he was chosen as a top DUI lawyer in Metro Detroit Michigan. He has had amazing success arguing DUI cases in front of juries. This is due in part to his preparation for trial. Attorney Morris understands what it takes to win cases and that is:

− Experience at trial.
− Meticulous preparation for all court appearances.
− Thorough investigation and review of all evidence.
− Utilizing experts.

Your DUI lawyer must fight to get great results. Simply appearing in court is not enough. Barton Morris knows that every DUI is winnable, but he also knows each DUI case is different. Breath test defenses are very common and your lawyer must know how to effectively challenge the validity of the Datamaster breath test results, which were obtained after your arrest.

Top DUI lawyer Barton Morris has completed numerous training courses on this instrument and he knows all the scientific principles behind how and why it works. He knows the requirements for calibration and what is required for its use. Many times, Attorney Morris is able to get a DUI charge dismissed because there was a problem with how the machine was used. This is why you need a top DUI lawyer working on your case.

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