Understanding Larceny in a Building Charges

Larceny in a Building Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of stealing money or property from a building in Michigan, you will be faced with harsh criminal punishments which may include significant jail time and hefty fines. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately is imperative to protect you from aggressive investigative tactics that could cause you to incriminate yourself. Attorney Barton W. Morris, Jr., has extensive experience working and defending Larceny in a building charges in Michigan and will work hard to build a strong defense. If you have already been convicted of larceny in a building, it’s not too late. The Law Office of Barton W. Morris Jr., provides a full range of post-conviction and appeal services for each and every one of its clients.

Larceny in a Building Charge

Larceny in a building is a felony offense and being convicted can send you to jail for up to 2 years. Breaking and entering into a building is not necessary, In fact, you can have permission to be in the building and still be charged with larceny in a building. This is often the case with housekeepers, babysitters, and students. You can be charged with larceny in a building if you steal something, big or small, from a privately owned building, such as a house, school, office, church, or a publicly used building, such as a locker room, gym, warehouse, or gas station. If you help another person – in any way – steal from a building, you will face the exact same charge and penalty. MCL 750.360 provides the legal description and definition for larceny in a building.

Larceny in a Building Defense

The Law Office of Barton W. Morris Jr., will thoroughly analyze every detail of your case in an attempt to get the larceny in a building charge against you dismissed. And if that’s not possible, attorney Barton W. Morris Jr., knows the system and all the key players including the prosecutors making a favorable negotiation more likely. For example, getting the prosecutor to accept a plea of larceny in a vacant building will reduce your charge to a misdemeanor.

There are many available defenses to a charge of larceny in a building, and Barton W. Morris, Jr., will look at every single one when building a defense for your case. Possible defenses to a larceny in a building charge include:

• You intended to return the property;
• You believed in good faith that the property belonged to you when you took it, even if it didn’t; and,
• You had consent from the property owner to take the property;

Having attorney Barton W. Morris, Jr., speak on your behalf will ensure you the best possible outcome. He will focus on the elements of your charge and if any doubt is cast on the prosecutor’s case concerning any of the required elements, your case must be dismissed.

Contact The Law Office of Barton W. Morris Jr., for an immediate consultation to find out more about your Michigan larceny in a building charge. Barton W. Morris Jr., is dedicated to researching and understanding the subtle nuances of a larceny in a building charge and takes an aggressive approach In defending each and every one of his clients.

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