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Drunk Driving is serious business throughout the State of Michigan and cities throughout Oakland County are rather strict when it comes to prosecuting and sentencing these charges.  Although the statute requires a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08% or higher, you can still be arrested on lower levels of blood alcohol – common charges include:

  • Operating While Intoxicated (OWI – many refer to this as DUI or driving under the influence)
  • Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI – this can be charged with a lower BAC)
  • High Blood Alcohol Content (in Michigan this is charged at .17% BAC or higher – ‘Super Drunk’)
  • Operating Under The Influence Of Drugs (OUID – This could come from marijuana or other narcotics)
  • Operating Within The Presence Of Drugs (OWPD – If drugs are ‘found’ in your vehicle at the point of arrest)
  • Public Intoxication
  • Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Minors In Possession

If a police officer upon arrest believes you to be impaired from safely operating a motor vehicle for being over the limit whether it be from alcohol or any various drugs – then you can and will be arrested for drunk driving.  The City of Southfield is a major, high-traffic volume community in Southeastern Michigan with several major roadways passing through.  Police are always on the lookout for erratic and suspicious driving and will not hesitate to arrest someone that they believe to be impaired by drugs or alcohol.

The 46th District Court has jurisdiction over the City of Southfield along with neighboring communities with three judges as well as two magistrates.  Oakland County District Courts and the Circuit Court are tough on drunk drivers with penalties being assessed upon a number of factors, including what percentage BAC you had at the point of arrest and how many drunk driving convictions you have in total within a certain time period.  For example, if you have two convictions within seven years or three within ten, then your sentencing penalties will likely be increased as you would be considered a habitual offender.

Possible Consequences for Drunk Driving

Penalties often include potential jail time, fines and costs, community service, alcohol / drug awareness courses, mandatory / monitored participation in AA / NA meetings, random alcohol and drug testing along with scheduled reporting to a probation officer.  Beyond that – it is most likely that your driving privileges will be restricted or revoked by the Michigan Secretary of State and you will have to undergo a lengthy process in order to have your driver’s license restored.  Please note that in Michigan, driving convictions cannot be expunged – in other words, you can’t get these charges off of your record, regardless of how much time has passed between sentencing and probation.  Drunk Driving charges remain on your permanent record and can make everyday life choices and decisions more complicated such as background checks for employment, financial services, or going to school.

Why you want to work with Southfield DUI Lawyer Barton Morris on your case

Barton Morris has been actively and successfully representing clients in alcohol / drug-related driving cases for over twenty years throughout Southeastern Michigan.  He has been before the Southfield district court on numerous occasions and oftentimes with excellent results.  Drunk Driving laws tend to become rather complicated and prosecutors and the courts are well-versed in understanding these laws and how to best secure convictions for those charged.  This is why you do not want to proceed on such charges alone.  Do not take a plea deal agreement until you have spoken with a criminal defense attorney.  Let Mr. Morris’s extensive knowledge, education and expertise help you either have your charges greatly reduced if not dismissed altogether.  Do not assume that just because you have been charged with drunk driving that you are automatically guilty – that is not always the situation.  Mr. Morris can work with you from the beginning of your case all the way through trial if necessary, to help you get the best results possible and to help protect your driver’s license, your job and your quality of life.

Do not take chances by going to court alone or with an inexperienced Southfield DUI Lawyer

Mr. Morris can help you design and argue a successful defense when it comes to drunk driving charges.  He understands the numerous issues and concerns that are raised by the prosecution in court.  Drunk driving charges can have any number of defenses that may apply to your case.  Whether it be police protocol at the arrest scene or imperfections and faults in the testing instrumentation used to prove your blood alcohol content, including field sobriety tests and devices used at the police station you do not want to be in a position where you not only face these charges alone, but are with a defense attorney that simply does not understand how such defenses can be presented to a judge and jury that can have the possibility of you being found not guilty.  Mr. Morris has been at the 46th District Court in Southfield many time over the last several years.  The judges there are strict, but fair.  Let his successful history in defending these cases work for you when dealing with what can be an extremely stressful, if not embarrassing situation.

Mr. Morris’s staff are professionals in helping you to get started with your drunk driving case.  You can be assured of high-quality representation from beginning to end.  You will understand drunk driving laws and how they specifically apply to your case.  You will be well-prepared to go to court and will have confidence in knowing that Mr. Morris will do everything possible to help you get the results you want.

Call Mr. Morris’s office at (248) 541-2600 to schedule a consultation and evaluation meeting.  The sooner in the process you call, the better his office can help you. In many situations, an early response to your OWI arrest can afford you the best chance of preparing a successful defense.  Drunk Driving cases are difficult – but they can be won.  Call the Law Office of Barton Morris today.


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