Oakland County Drug Possession Attorney Michigan

Have you worked with an Oakland County drug attorney in the past and felt like you were not represented very well? Perhaps the attorney did not put in much time on your case and you lost as a result. If this has happened, it can be frustrating, but it does not mean that it is impossible to find a good Oakland County possession attorney. It just means that you need to hire someone else.

If you are going to court again, the best drug possession attorney Michigan has to offer is Barton Morris. He stands alone at the top of the industry, as his selection as the Lawyer of the Year for 2013 proves.

His Promise to You

As an Oakland County drug attorney, Barton W. Morris, Jr. promises you that he will:

Not hand the case off to someone else after agreeing to take it, as some inferior lawyers are known to do.
Put in the hours that are required to get the outcome that you want.
Always be available to talk to you about any aspect of the case.
Research similar cases so that he knows about all relevant precedents.
Work with you every step of the way through this confusing and stressful process.

That is the type of commitment and service that you deserve to get when you choose an Oakland County possession attorney, and you should never settle for less.

Drug Possession Attorney Michigan: A Commitment to Excellence

Barton Morris is an Oakland County drug attorney who is committed to excellence, and it shows in the awards and accolades that he has collected over the years. A few examples include:

Selection as the Top Lawyer in the Detroit area for 2012 by DBusiness Magazine.
Selection for that honor again in 2013.
A superb 9.3 rating on Avvo.

Barton Morris is an Oakland County possession attorney who shows that hard work really does get results. He is now recognized all over the state as the top drug possession attorney Michigan can provide for people just like you. Choosing any other Oakland County drug attorney is not wise because you are not giving yourself the edge that you need.

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