Novi OWI DUI Criminal Defense

Are you looking for a Novi OWI or DUI criminal defense services because you feel that the charges brought against you were unfair? Perhaps you want a DUI criminal defense attorney who can help you prove that you are innocent, a lawyer in Oakland County, MI who can clear your name and your record.

If so, the place to turn for a terrific Oakland County attorney is the Law Office of Barton W. Morris, Jr. We will provide you the perfect OWI defense attorney for your case, helping you take the first step toward a successful defense.

When can a Novi defense lawyer help?

The first thing that you should know is exactly when our firm can help you if charges have been brought up against you. We handle all manner of driving offenses, including:

− Operating While Intoxicated First Offense
− Operating While Intoxicated Second Offense
− Operating With the Presence of Drugs
− Operating While Intoxicated Causing Serious Injury or Death
− Felony OWI Third Offense

If you have multiple cases on your prior record, you need a Novi OWI criminal defense attorney, even more.

What makes us the best firm for a DUI criminal defense attorney?

Now that you know when a lawyer in Oakland County, MI can help you, you need to know why we are the best. When you work with us, your Oakland County attorney will do everything in his power to help you at every turn, including:

− Offering a toll-free phone line for easy contact.
− Providing a free consultation.
− Working closely with you from the moment that the case begins.
− Prioritizing your case so that it gets the attention that it needs.

We believe that an OWI defense attorney should always offer you these services, which is why we have won multiple awards for the top Novi defense lawyer in 2012 and 2013.

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