Multiple Alcohol Offenses

Alcohol offenses are lifetime offenses in Michigan. They cannot be expunged and the case cannot be sealed. Because of the legislation to make DUI and other alcohol offenses lifelong offenses, a large number of cases are being treated as a multiple offense or a repeat offender.

Multiple alcohol offenses require minimum mandatory jail time. It does not matter where the prior offense occurred or how long ago it occurred. If the State finds a prior alcohol offense in another state, the district attorney will seek jail time and the judge will be legally bound to sentence you to mandatory minimums upon conviction or a plea to an alcohol offense. Multiple offenders must hire a Michigan DUI lawyer to represent their interests and protect their freedoms.

Clients with prior offenses oftentimes ask why they should fight their case or why a jury would believe them if they have a prior offense.  The burden of proof for the State does not change regardless if this is a first offense or a sixth. The district attorney cannot use your priors in trial; the facts of your case will be the determining factor of your guilt. Prior offenses only come into play in determining sentencing and penalties. Sentencing requirements for repeat offenders are more severe than that of first-time offenders unless there are aggravating factors.  If you have been charged with a DUI, regardless if you have a prior offense, you need to seek the counsel of a competent and skilled Michigan DUI defense law firm. Repeat offenders have the same rights as first-time offenders. Exercise your rights and hire the best DUI defense attorney you can afford.