Michigan Federal Criminal Defense

Do you or someone you know need a Michigan federal criminal defense attorney? If you are currently under investigation for involvement in a federal crime, defense attorney Barton Morris of The Law Offices of Barton Morris may help you avoid prosecution and clear your name.

Barton Morris’ federal criminal defense attorney credentials include:

  • Listed as a top attorney for Metro Detroit by DBusiness Magazine.
  • Graduated from the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College.
  • Graduate of Michigan’s Trial Practice College for Criminal Defense Attorneys.
  • Graduate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys National Criminal Defense College.
  • Regularly attends a variety of advanced seminars for DUI defense attorneys.
  • Has a strong trial track record as a successful criminal defense attorney.

Michigan Federal Criminal Defense Attorney | Barton Morris

Michigan defense attorney Barton Morris understands the serious nature of federal crime cases. As a leading federal criminal defense attorney in Detroit, he knows the penalties defendants must face if prosecuted for a federal offense. In addition to receiving a significant prison sentence, defendants could lose their families and their savings, not to mention suffering the devastating blows to their professional and personal reputations if convicted.

Whatever your charges, defense attorney Barton Morris will leverage his time, talents and considerable resources on your behalf as he works to win over the jury and secure a favorable outcome for your trial.

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