Michigan Criminal Lawyers Oakland

As you start your search for Michigan criminal lawyers, what do you look for first? Is it a location that is closest to you, such as Oakland, Wayne or Macomb County, MI? Perhaps it is someone who specializes in the type of criminal case you are charged with. Maybe you just want someone who looks like he knows what he is doing. The truth is that your choice of attorney is not a decision you should make lightly. You have a lot riding on this decision and you want one of the very best Michigan criminal lawyers there is to represent you.

What to look for in great criminal lawyers

It is difficult to know just by a glance in a phone book or on a website whether someone is going to provide you with excellent representation in your criminal case. With a little more in-depth reading, though, you should be able to tell if this is the type of lawyer you want standing beside you when you go in front of a judge or jury. Look for the following:

− Experience – You don’t just want an attorney who will plea bargain your case. You want an attorney who has real trial experience and has had success in the courtroom.
− A Thirst for Knowledge – Look for an attorney who continually furthers his legal education in order to provide the highest quality legal services to his clients.
− Professionalism – Your attorney should always be prepared for any court and administrative hearing and should ensure that you are prepared as well.
− Compassion – Your case should be worth just as much to your attorney as any other client’s case is. You want an attorney who understands that any legal issue has a direct impact on your life and will provide the best representation possible in each and every case.
The Law Office of Barton W. Morris, Jr.

There are many criminal lawyers, but when you want someone who has the knowledge, experience and skill to obtain the best results and/or take your case to trial, then contact Attorney Barton Morris at 248-541-2600 or 877-7-BUSTED. Chosen as a Top Lawyer in the Detroit Metro Area in 2012 and 2013 by DBusiness Magazine, Barton Morris knows what it takes to win cases in an Oakland, Wayne, or Macomb County, MI courtrooms. When you need one of the top Michigan criminal lawyers, Barton Morris should be at the top of your list.