Michigan Criminal Attorney Felony

The appropriate choice of a Michigan criminal attorney for felony drug, weapons or theft cases is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Since these cases carry possible sentences involving incarceration in a state prison, you need the best Michigan criminal attorney. If you simply choose to have the court appoint an attorney for you, your future may be in the hands of someone who is not experienced enough or does not have enough time to win your case.

Why you should choose a retained attorney over a court-appointed attorney

A Michigan criminal attorney in felony drug, weapons or theft cases must be experienced in the courtroom. It’s not just experience in hearings that is important – knowledge of trial preparation procedure is also important. A court-appointed attorney may handle as many as 10-15 cases in any given morning or afternoon. Their clients may not receive the best representation simply because there is not enough time in the attorneys’ schedules. A retained attorney is able to provide:

− A complete investigation of all facts and evidence
− One-on-one attention with his clients
− Real assessments if a trial is being contemplated
− Thorough trial preparation
− A motivation and drive to win

While there may be some very good court-appointed attorneys, there are more advantages to retaining a Michigan criminal attorney for a felony drug, weapons or theft charge.

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