Medicare Fraud Federal Defense Attorney

If you or your business has been charged with Medicare or Medicaid fraud, you need an experienced Medicare fraud defense attorney. You don’t need just any defense attorney in Detroit, Michigan. Because Medicare fraud is a federal offense, you need a federal defense attorney, and one who is experienced and knowledgeable about these types of charges. In Detroit, Michigan, Barton Morris is the attorney you need.

Medicare fraud is a serious charge. Consequences include being excluded from the Medicare healthcare program as well as severe penalties and fines. Being excluded from the healthcare program is mandatory if you are found guilty. In Medicare or Medicaid cases, you will be dealing with both state and federal agencies. A Medicare fraud defense attorney will need to know how to properly research and investigate the case in order to provide a good defense.

In Detroit, Michigan, Barton Morris has dealt with these types of cases. He is an aggressive federal defense attorney who will work diligently on your behalf. Whether the charges are regarding an individual who has been charged with collecting money illegally, or a healthcare provider who has been accused of overcharging the system, this defense attorney in Detroit, Michigan, is prepared to challenge the state and federal agencies in court.

Barton Morris is experienced in trial cases and is prepared to go to trial when necessary. He has been voted as Top Lawyer of Metro Detroit by DBusiness Magazine for DUI/DWI and criminal defense for both 2012 and 2013.

Attorney Barton Morris believes in continuing education so he can continue to provide the best defense available. He is a graduate of many prestigious law colleges, including:

  • Michigan State University College of Law
  • Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming
  • National Criminal Defense College in Georgia
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, Criminal Defense College

If you are in need of a Medicare fraud defense attorney, don’t wait. Contact the Law Offices of Barton Morris as soon as possible at 248-541-2600 or toll free at 1-877-7BUSTED so he can begin work on your case today.