Uttering and Publishing Charges in Michigan

Uttering and Publishing, also referred to as a “paper crime,” is a 14-year felony and requires the prosecutor to prove that:

(1)   The document in question was falsely made, altered, forged or counterfeited in some manner;

(2)   You represented, either by words or actions, that the document was genuine or true and either exhibited, offered, or presented it;

(3)   When you did this, you knew that the document was either false, forged, altered, or counterfeit;

(4)   When you did this, you intended to defraud or cheat someone.

The crime is complete when the document is offered, regardless of whether the document is accepted or if actual losses occur. Uttering and publishing can also include using counterfeit money, which is a 5-year felony and can include a fine of up to $2,500.

The most frequent uttering and publishing crime deals with forged and/or fraudulent checks.  For example, fraudulently signing your name as a payor on a check and then trying to cash it at a bank or gas station will constitute a charge of Uttering and Publishing.  And if you admit to the police that you fraudulently signed the check, you will also be charged with the crime of Forgery.

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