Field Sobriety Test Defenses in Michigan

Troy Michigan DUI Laweyrs

When a driver is suspected of operating while intoxicated, it is common for a police officer to administer field sobriety tests (FST’s) prior to giving a preliminary breath test. Most often, these tests are being recorded by the officer’s patrol video camera. The purpose of administering these tests is simply to obtain damaging evidence against the driver to show they are legally intoxicated. In reality, if a police officer believes you to be intoxicated, a driver will not pass the test no matter how well he performs. The officer has his mind made up so he says “FAIL”

The officers administering the tests rarely do so pursuant to their training therefore they cannot be evaluated correctly. Barton Morris has taken the same training course that most police officers have with respect to standardized field sobriety tests (SFST’s). The tests are supposed to administered and evaluated in a standardized way. They never are. The officers take the course once in their career and they forget what they have learned very quickly. They also believe that it is ok to modify the tests the way they think it should be done which is very wrong and easy to effectively cross examine.