Federal Drug Lawyers

If you or a loved one from Detroit is involved in a drug-related crime, it’s time to start searching for federal drug lawyers qualified to defend against these serious offenses. To help you avoid felony charges, it is important to seek counsel from a Detroit criminal attorney with the expertise to help you achieve a favorable outcome. Even if you are innocent, acting right away to secure an experienced state or federal criminal attorney of Detroit ensures you receive a fair trial and avoid prosecution. Federal drug attorneys like Barton Morris of The Law Offices of Barton Morris have the experience to effectively handle criminal matters and win a jury over to your side.

Criminal Charges that Benefit from Counsel by Federal Drug Attorneys

As one of Detroit’s top federal drug lawyers, Barton Morris can help you beat drug trafficking charges for schedule one, two, three, four or five drugs. His reputation as a Detroit criminal attorney means he routinely handles cases involving:

  • Possession of marijuana and other controlled substances
  • Possession of nonprescription controlled substances
  • Possession of, and intent to deliver, controlled substances
  • Possession of, and intent to deliver, marijuana
  • Delivery of cocaine weighing under 50 grams
  • Possession of cocaine weighing between 50 and 450 grams
  • Manufacturing of one or more controlled substances

Professional criminal drug lawyers in Detroit like Barton Morris understand the consequences that come with serious charges such as these and are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep you out of jail. Unlike misdemeanor crimes, felony drug charges typically occur following a serious and well-funded investigation by the nation’s top law enforcement agencies. This attention to detail can often result in courtroom proceedings that favor the prosecution instead of the defendant. Engaging a Detroit criminal attorney with a strong record of success can often turn the tables for people looking to avoid the harshest penalties.

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