Farmington Hills Revoked Driver License

If you have a Farmington Hills revoked driver license and you want to get your driving privileges restored, then it’s time to contact a highly competent attorney who has a proven track record in driver license restoration. Getting your license back is not a simple task, and it is one that will require a substantial amount of work on your part and the part of your attorney. When you contact the Law Office of Barton W. Morris, Jr., you will quickly discover he’s one of the most respected driver license restoration attorneys in the area.

Farmington Hills — Revoked Driver License Restoration Process

Barton Morris is highly experienced and successful at the Driver License Appeal Division Hearings. Instead of simply filing the required paperwork and letting you appear in court with little or no preparation like other driver license restoration lawyers, Attorney Barton Morris will prepare for the hearing so there are no surprises.

The process will not happen overnight. There are several steps, which include:

–      Reviewing your driving record to determine if you are eligible for restoration.

–      Reviewing your personal history.

–      Referring you to an appropriate substance abuse evaluator for drug test and evaluation.

–      Submitting at least three letters that document your sobriety.

–      Preparing you for hearing through practice with mock hearings.

A Breath Alcohol Interlock Device may be required for driver license restoration, but Barton Morris will be able to help you get this device at the lowest price possible. There are a number of things that will be of primary importance to the outcome of the hearing. The keys to success are:

–      Proper preparation

–      Meticulous review of all evidence

–      Follow-up investigations, if needed

–      Presentation of any evidence at the hearing

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Don’t trust driver license restoration attorneys with little or no experience. There is simply too much riding on this hearing. Barton W. Morris, Jr. was voted as a Top Attorney in Metro Detroit in both 2012 and 2013. He’s aggressive, highly experienced, and ready to put his expertise to work for you. Call 248-547-2600 today for a free consultation and to learn what the other driver license restoration lawyers won’t tell you when it comes to getting your Farmington Hills revoked driver license back!