Drunk Driving

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If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving, you need a lawyer that is experienced in obtaining the best possible results. Most attorneys simply want to plead your case without sufficiently investigating other helpful and meaningful options. Attorney Barton Morris will look into every conceivable issue that might mean the difference between being convicted or not.

Often times, there might be a defense that Barton Morris will fight over that many other lawyers will overlook. Other attorneys will fail to inform you about additional defenses because it just means more work for them. Attorney Barton Morris will not avoid more work. All that matters is getting the very best results no matter how much effort it takes.

Because Drunk Driving cases often involve the use of complicated breath testing devices, technical defenses are also important. There are many technical requirements for a valid investigation of a drunk driving charge, including the ability to utilize the results of a breath or blood test. The Michigan Legislature continually tries to enact tough drunk driving laws. Therefore it is necessary for a skilled lawyer to look carefully at each technical aspect of the case to ensure that the police follow the law and required procedures. Failure by the police to do so could mean the elimination of breath or blood test evidence which is critical in a drunk driving case.