Drunk Driving Attorney Ferndale

Did you get an OWI in Oakland County, MI, and are thinking that there is no way to lower or eliminate the charges? With the best drunk driving attorney in Ferndale, you may actually be able to get the charges taken off of your record.

With the current OWI laws, there are a few different levels of punishment. You may be able to get the courts to agree to a lower level if it is your first offense, and then the charges will come off of your record after you have fulfilled your obligations.

Working with a Ferndale Drunk Driving Attorney

After your Oakland County DUI, you should call the Law Office of Barton W. Morris, Jr. We can help you understand:

–      The charges

–      The possible punishments

–      The different ways to plead

–      The ramifications for the future

We know that first offenders often are not well-informed of this type of situation and the consequences, so we want to help you connect with a drunk driving attorney in Ferndale who can make things clearer.

Understanding the OWI Laws

The laws about drunk driving are not the same for every offense in every situation; in fact there are many differences that you will find, based on:

–      Whether or not it is your first offense

–      Your age

–      Your overall BAC

–      Whether or not other people were with you

Since the specifics of your Oakland County DUI case can be drastically different than others, you need a Ferndale drunk driving attorney to assist you with sorting out the details.

Contact Barton Morris Right Away

An OWI in Oakland County, MI, is not the end of the world, at least not if you have a professional representing you. To hire a drunk driving attorney in Ferndale, just call 248-541-2600 or 877-7-BUSTED right away.