Divorce and Family Law

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To the extent that a marriage is about joining two lives as one, establishing a family, home and planning for the future, a divorce is about the separation and division of exactly that. It can and will be one of the most important and also stressful undertakings one goes through in their lifetime. Generally speaking, the major issues are division of assets and liabilities, child and spousal support, and parenting time/custody. Typically, the longer the marriage, the more complicated its final resolution. Often times, nobody wins and everyone involved is unhappy – that is the nature of divorce, rarely are there positive feelings or outcomes.

The emotions that accompany the end of a relationship, the uncertainty over child custody, and the stress of the financial impact of your divorce can inhibit your ability to function in your daily life. The right attorney is absolutely imperative to guide you through your family law matter. Determining support obligations require the skill and experience of a good lawyer to make a detailed analysis of both parties’ regular monthly income and expenditures. The manner of living the parties are accustomed to must be considered as well. A superior divorce lawyer must also be extremely knowledgeable about the law that is to be applied. A good divorce lawyer must be skilled in effectively arguing and persuading the decision maker, whether it is the judge, referee, mediator or jury, in siding with your client’s case. A good divorce lawyer must have excellent negotiating skills. Many of these issues are negotiated between the lawyers for the parties. The stronger negotiator will invariably get the best results for his client.

However, in some cases, a resolution will not be reached. For whatever reason, the other party may be acting irrationally, or maybe hiding assets, depleting assets, or racking up marital debt. Alternatively, the other party may be minimizing contact between the children and our client. Or perhaps the other party has issues that make them unfit to exercise substantial custody with the children.

In these cases, we understand the power of aggressive litigation. We know what is most important to you, and we will do what we need to in the courtroom to protect what is important to you.

We understand that our role, at least earlier in the process, is that of negotiator and adviser. And we take that obligation seriously, especially in divorces involving children. Some of the more common family law issues include (click the links below for more helpful information):

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