Detroit DUI Lawyer Criminal Defense

Were you previously working with a Detroit DUI lawyer who passed your case off to someone else and now you are stuck with a criminal defense lawyer that you do not think can win the case? To get a good lawyer in Detroit, MI, just call the Law Office of Barton W. Morris, Jr.

You should know that it is rarely a good idea to present your defense on your own. A good DUI lawyer in Detroit can help significantly. You just have to find the right one.

Crafting a Detroit Criminal Defense

If you get a DUI in MI, you may want to fight the charges, especially if you feel they are unfair. In order to do this, you need to set up a defense that proves one of the following things:

–      That you are not guilty

–      That procedures were not followed correctly

–      That the police officer made a mistake

–      That your rights were violated

It can be hard to do this without a Detroit DUI lawyer who understands the laws and your rights.

Hiring a Better Criminal Defense Lawyer

Do not give up entirely on getting a lawyer in Detroit, MI. You just need to contact the Law Office of Barton W. Morris, Jr. He is a top DUI lawyer in Detroit who will offer you:

–      A free initial consultation

–      Direct services when you hire him

–      A cell phone number for contact at any time of day

–      The best possible representation

–      A Detroit criminal defense plan based on facts and evidence

If you unjustly got a DUI in MI, he is the one that you want to clear your name.

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Do not allow the other Detroit DUI lawyer to ruin your chances of winning the case. Call today at 248-541-2600 or toll free at 877-7-BUSTED to find the right lawyer who offers the services that you need.